NEWS: EASTENDERS Celebrates Andy Murray; Daytime Soaps Make Ratings Gains; Alison Sweeney's Second Chances; Hillary B. Smith; Jen Lilley

EASTENDERS filmed special scene on Tuesday's morning to celebrate Andy Murray's Wimbledon win
On Tuesday night's epsiode, Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) discussed whether to rename her Walford bed and breakfast "Wimbledon Palace", in tribute to Murray's victory.

Alison Sweeney on what it was like having Greg Vaughan play her romantic interest in the upcoming Hallmark movie Second Chances when he plays her twin brother on DAYS OF OUR LIVES
“We shot the movie a year ago, so we hadn’t worked together yet on DAYS, which I think was absolutely the right way. It’s a super sweet movie, and it was really interesting to play a 911 operator. My husband’s a police officer, so I got some insight into that world. I got a chance to do some training with 911 operators and learn from them and the amazing work that they do, and it was really cool to put that into my performance.”

Networks Cleaning Up Again With Their Daytime Soaps
There may only be four left on ABC, CBS and NBC, but they are holding onto their audience. In fact, for the first time in memory, each of these shows — which have been around for a combined 144 years — actually posted quarterly ratings gains vs. the previous year.

Looking at the most current Nielsen numbers for the second quarter of 2013 (April 1-June 30), CBS’ longtime daytime leader THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS led the pack with an average daily audience of 4.771 million — up 5% from last year. It’s followed in the rankings by CBS’ THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (3.535 million, up 13% from last year), ABC’s GENERAL HOSPITAL (2.843 million, up 11%) and NBC’s DAYS OF OUR LIVES (2.672 million, up 4%).

Collectively, these four shows also drew more viewers this spring (13.82 million) than the same period in 2011 (13.27 million), with only Y&R down.

Son of former AS THE WORLD TURNS costume designer Toni-Leslie James murdered
On Tuesday night, 18-year-old Jett Higham, who split time between Richmond and New York, had just finished a family dinner at his parents’ home in Jackson Ward when he decided to walk to the store for candy and a drink at about 10:45.

A half-hour later, Higham’s mother, Toni-Leslie James, started texting him: “Where are you?”

Higham didn’t show up by the next morning. But the police did.

“He walked three blocks away and he was dead while we were still sitting at the dining room table,” said James, a Broadway costume designer and a theater professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. “This is a life wasted.”

Bay Street Theatre's Rock The Dock Summer Bash Returns July 20, Hosted by Susan Lucci
"I am thrilled to be hosting this year's event," Lucci said in a statement. "I have been coming to Bay Street for many years and am so looking forward to the gala and this upcoming season."

Hillary B. Smith on ONE LIFE TO LIVE's 45th anniversary
“I joined the show 20, 21 years ago. We were having a big 25th anniversary party,” Smith told the Track. “It’s so interesting. 
 Here we are celebrating 
 the 45th. 
 We have grown and matured, and gotten hip all at the same time.”

Jen Lilley tries to clear up Twitter controversy after "Theresa could kick Maxie's ass" tweet
"Please untag me if you are posting negative tweets. This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. I simply wrote a tweet, which was only intended to be funny regarding my portrayal of two characters. I wasn't commenting about Kirsten or her performance as Maxie at all. Those who follow me or have even read one article of mine know that I would never say something negative about another person, especially not Kirsten Storms. Life is too short to be mean-spirited."

"I am sincerely delighted that she is well enough to resume her rightful place a Maxie Jones on GH. And I am having the time of my life as Jeannie Theresa Donovan on Days; there's no place I'd rather be. But even if I didn't have a job, i would be happy for her. Good health is worth more than any job, and there's no role in the world worth being bitter over."

"All I meant was based on what's written, I think Theresa is one tough cookie. The fact that I need to even clarify this is beyond me. Some people live to make mountains out of molehills. If you are a fan, I am asking you to help extinguish this rumor mill and respond with grace and love. We can't control how others respond, only ourselves. Choose love and grace. If haters will hate no matter what, then lovers should love no matter what."

29 HBO opening sequences, from worst to best

Her Universe announces license deal with AMC to create a collection of women’s apparel based on THE WALKIND DEAD
“There is certainly an expanding fan base of women who faithfully watch ‘The Walking Dead’ and this collection of unique apparel and merchandise is targeted just for them,” said Her Universe founder, Ashley Eckstein. “I am a huge fan of THE WALKING DEAD and I was thrilled with the opportunity to design Zombie fashion for fangirls. The story lines on this show are very emotional, compelling and addicting! As a fan, I am excited to have more apparel options made for women.”

New Meredith Vieira Syndicated Daytime Show To Launch In 2014
Vieira recently shot the pilot for the new series.

THE NEWSROOM Season 2: New Characters
THE NEWSROOM is back for a second season on July 14th.

Former Y&R Star, Author Victoria Rowell Visits 13WMAZ to Promote Foster Care


  1. For some reason, I won't be holding my breath on Storms and Fath blowing Lilley's tweets out of proportion and being snotty to her.

    Ah, Twitter drama.

  2. I must say, I read that story of the tragic robbery & murder of the son of the ATWT Costume Designer and I was sad and angry about this loss of a beautiful young kid who should've had his entire life ahead of him.

    Having had a younger cousin whose life was taken away by a sudden and unexpected violent attack, I wonder when will the lack of regard for human life--when will this vicious violence end?!

  3. Kinda cute that Eastenders is doing something to commemorate Andy Murray's Wimbledon victory. I know that it is a huge deal in the U.K. since it's been something like 77 years since a British man won there.