Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jack Wagner: 'Very Disappointed' in The Powers That Be at GENERAL HOSPITAL

Jack Wagner has spoken out (well, tweeted out) about the way his GENERAL HOSPITAL character, Frisco Jones, was written out of the soap during the 50th anniversary celebration.
Very disappointed in the powers that b @ GH. The ratings momentum around the 50th was blown, BADLY, sorry GH fans we were misled.

The way Frisco was written out was wrong n out of character,I could hv fuckin screamed n should hv but didn't want 2 make waves. Shame on me

It's my fault, I should hv had some sack n stood up 4 the character n his history but was a total pussy. I apologize GH n Frisco fans my bad

I also think so much reality TV is bullshit! A lot of the people r wasted most of the time. Sad the networks sell this shit message 2 kids

BTW I checked w God b4 I chose 2 FINALLY speak my truth about a couple things, He said "It's about time". TY God 4 having my back!!
Later, Wagner tweeted that his thought were only about him and the way he felt.
My tweets aren't about any1 but me n the way I feel. N I'm NOT beating myself up...lv

This is nothing against Frank, I liked him n working w him. He n Ron, whom I've never met, hv their vision n made their choice, so b it..lv
Wagner begins production Wednesday on MY GAL SUNDAY, a new two-hour backdoor pilot and potential primetime series in development for Hallmark Channel.

- Jack Wagner, Cameron Mathison & Rachel Blanchard Start Production on MY GAL SUNDAY


  1. Bring back Frisco.

  2. I don't need to see Frisco or Jack Wagner again. If you're going to make bold statements in social media about people, then stick with them. Don't buckle and claim that things were taken out of context when they weren't.

    Ever notice how people who dislike a show refer to "the powers that be" as if they're monsters living in a castle? But if the people in charge like you, then we're all great friends. Give me a break.

  3. I liked Frisco & Felicia back in the day ... but over the years the character Frisco has treated everyone in Port Charles badly and acts as though whatever he does is right. Disagree with Frisco and you're dumb. I like the pairing of Mac & Felicia and truly feel, although I enjoyed seeing Frisco during the 50th anniversary celebration, TPTB did well to have Felicia accept Mac and refuse Frisco's offer of a future together, thereby causing him to leave town. Seriously, he's not missed. JMHO

  4. I love Frisco and want him back, its not the same without him. I will have to watch My Gal Sunday!! Jack Wagner is still #1 to me!! and still Hot Hot Hot!!!!

  5. What a total creep....He could have talked to his fans if he had any...they are gone now. His language in writing his apology...what crap. Grow up Jack.

  6. I was happy to see Jack for the 50th anniversary, put don't care for the "potty mouth" tweets God encouraged him to make.

  7. He can stay away. Guy has more ego than any fans of the show need to deal with.

  8. I have nothing against Mac. He and Alexis were fun together but he and Felicia have absolutely NO chemistry. You feel the chemistry Frisco and Felicia generate right through the screen. There is just so many story left for them. Few fans really don't have much desire to see Mac and Felicia but they tune in to watch Frisco and Felicia...at least I did...One of my all time favorites couples and always will think of them when I think of GH. In fact I can't think of anyone else I would rather watch besides Jason and Sam or Spinelli and Maxi. There is fun and chemistry between these characters that make fans want to watch more. Powers that be need to sit up and smell the flowers.

  9. Thing is, Frisco's most recent departure was completely IN character. By virtue of Wagner leaving all those years ago, and by the choice or circumstance of Wagner not returning to GH, Frisco became a deadbeat dad by default. Where was he when Georgie died? Did he make it back for the funeral or to support Maxie? No. That's not FV or RC's fault. Frisco's behavior was established long before they arrived. And if Wagner was only willing/able to return for a limited number of episodes, they really had no choice but to keep his character consistent with what it's been for over a decade: Frisco abandons his family - again.

    Wagner shouldn't be shocked or offended. Why so suddenly...why NOW does he suddenly care about Frisco? And with this Twitter business, he's shot himself in the foot. He's not inside the brains of the GH creative team. Perhaps they were considering another Frisco return for sometime next year, one with a more optimistic result. But if Wagner insists on spitting in their eyes, he can't cry when the phone doesn't ring. He should stop acting like a big, entitled baby, particularly regarding a show that he, as Frisco did with his family, ditched without ever looking back.

  10. It would be fun for him to be back again but I love Mack & Felecia together now. Maxie & he might could repair the damage. He is a jerk though. ;)

  11. Mac and Felicia are BORING...it just isnt there for me and sure don't keep me watching..Love Sam with Silas though and Maxie and Spinelli ...you wouldn't believe the excitement in my house when Frisco came back. I felt like that kid again. I cried when he left the way they had him leave and was so mad because they were all laughing about him, that was BULL. Didn't Felicia do the same thing, leave her kids for Mac to raise. You are still # 1 Jack Wagner and still make my heart beat fast. I loved the song you sang and your still a hottie!! people give him a break.

  12. Has everyone forgotten that Felicia and Jack were married in real life and he left her for another woman? Maybe she can't or doesn't wish to work with him anymore. Just a thought, can't say I miss him. He always seemed too self centered to me.