Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 50th Nelson Aspen. Does Life Begin At 50?

Entertainment reporter, author and We Love Soaps contributor Nelson Aspen celebrated his 50th birthday this week (Happy Birthday, Nelson!). Last weekend he enjoyed birthday festivities with friends in Hamptons and a tug of war match was just one of the many fun events. You'll notice SEARCH FOR TOMORROW actresses Marcia McCabe (Sunny) and Louan Gideon (Liza) on the other side of the rope from Nelson, who is working on a new book about how "Life begins at 50".  Do you agree? You can tweet Nelson your thoughts on Twitter at @nelsonaspen. He might just include you in the new book!

If can you haven't caught the latest episode of his new web series @NELSON'S, with guest star Victoria Arbiter, you can watch it below.


  1. Thanks Roger!! 50 is definitely Nifty!! And stay tuned for the next episode of "@ Nelson's!" The legendary Christina Crawford gives me a detailed account of how her mother, Joan, stole her role on SECRET STORM!

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  3. Happy Birthday Nelson! Love your interviews!