Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eileen Davidson Leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Updated)

Eileen Davidson, who returned to DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Kristen DiMera in 2012 after a 14 year absence, wrapped up her DAYS stint on July 16.

Because DAYS tapes so far in advance, she will air through November.

"The Kristen story wrap-up is just fantastic; she was just glorious," Executive Producer Ken Corday told Soap Opera Digest. "The official word there is that Eileen Davidson is leaving the show to take some time out with her family. Will she come back? We'll see. But she's not going to another show. I am thankful for all she's brought to us. It was the first shot in the arm we needed. A big shot in the arm."

Aside from DAYS, Davidson is best known for playing Ashley Abbott in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS for many years. Will she make a another return to Y&R? Stay tuned.

Davidson responded to an outpouring of fan support on Twitter: "You're all so awesome! I didn't get fired. My family is fine. Thanks for your love and support! xoxoxo"

Davidson reached out to fans on Facebook: "Hello! I just wanted to confirm that I have indeed left DOOL. My last day was July 16 but I will be airing until November. I'm taking some time off to enjoy my family however I am not retiring. Not really sure what's next for me work wise. But I am looking forward to figuring it out! Thanks to all of you for your support and love. I've had an incredible time on DOOL this year....."

- INTERVIEW: Eileen Davidson On DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Enjoying The Ride, And Jeanne Cooper


  1. effing sucks. i hate this show sometimes. if EJ/Sami/Rafe become the focal point of EVERY storyline again like they were i may as well stop watching now.

  2. Ugh...first Chandler, now Eileen. This is not good.

  3. Not good for DAYS but possible great news for Y&R.

    1. Y&R doesn't need the soap hopper back . The show is still after all these years #1 without her .

    2. Actually Y&R let her go when she returned to DAYS, so she's not a willing soap hopper.

  4. Wth!!! Ugh just freaking great days is just going dwn the toilet more & more! ;( sucks she leaving & chandler!

  5. It's been such an immensely entertaining ride that I'm guessing there will be a big ol' hook left dangling for her (hopefully) not too distant return.

  6. Gotta tell you, wasn't a huge fan when she was on Y&R, but she was sooooo good on DOOL, that I hate to see her go. I bet she'll back in late 2014

  7. Would LOVE to see her back on Y&R. I really miss her.

  8. All you cry babies will still watch days you never know what there going to do next I been watching days since 1980 with my grandmother, God rest her soul but my aunt and grandmother loved Sami Father they would sit there and say look him in his tight jeans omgosh I was beat red everyone cried when Marlena left look what happen she came back Dear Lord help them loool