DAYTIME RATINGS: Y&R, B&B Down In Total Viewers, Up In Demos; GH Reaches New Low In W18-49

The daytime Nielsen ratings are in for the week of July 1-5, 2013. All four daytime soaps were down in total viewers versus the previous week. B&B, DAYS and GH are still ahead of last year's pace in totoal viewers.

From SON:
Total Viewers (versus last week/versus same week last year)
1. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS 4,396,000 (-160,000/-109,000)
2. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL 3,423,000 (-71,000/+308,000)
3. DAYS OF OUR LIVES 2,597,000 (-68,000/+188,000)
4. GENERAL HOSPITAL 2,332,000 (-121,000/+90,000)

NOTE: GH aired a repeat on Thursday which didn't factor in the ratings. B&B, DAYS and Y&R aired new episodes on Thursday and Friday but did not count those in the ratings.

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS 829,000 (+35,000/+13,000)
2. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL 675,000 (+59,000/+47,000)
3. DAYS OF OUR LIVES 565,000 (-30,000/+114,000)
4. GENERAL HOSPITAL 523,000 (-53,000/-16,000)*

* New all-time low

Women 18-34 Viewers
1. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS 246,000 (+43,000/+12,000)
2. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL 198,000 (+35,000/+28,000)
3. DAYS OF OUR LIVES 173,000 (+8,000/+38,000)
4. GENERAL HOSPITAL 170,000 (+1,000/+40,000)

Below is a chart of GENERAL HOSPITAL's ratings since the 50th anniversary week when critical acclaim, social media buzz and hype in the press were all strong. With last week including a holiday, you can't read too much into the specific week's numbers, but the trend usually tells a story.

- DAYS OF OUR LIVES Delivers Second-Quarter Ratings Growth

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  1. I dont understand this rating system? Does it know all the people who dvr these shows??? I used to be a huge All my children fan, now I can't stand it! I switched to Y&R and B&B and I quickly realized why AMC was so bad. it would take 6 months to get to the end of a story line. these two shows keep it going! I tried to watch AMC on hulu I felt I owed it to them since I called ABC, left messages everywhere to bring it back. now I can't get enough of Y&R and B&B. so how does this rating work???