Chandler Massey on Leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES and the Role of Will: 'The Character Is More Important Than The Actor' (Take Our Recast Poll)

Chandler Massey returned to the DAYS OF OUR LIVES set this week after taking a vacation where he hiked Machu Picchu in Peru.

He's won two Daytime Emmy Awards for playing Will Horton, and now he now begins the final months of his time in the role. Massey is leaving DAYS when his four-year contract expires in December.

He tells Gay Star News that he is "flattered" by DAYS producer Ken Corday saying recently that they would not recast the role and that Massey is welcome back any time.

"Whatever they decide to do, I'll support it," he says. "The character is more important than the actor. He's a legacy character born on camera. I wouldn't be bitter at all if they go and recast."

Massey's Will has been involved in a popular romance with Sonny Kiriakis, dubbed "WilSon" by fans. The pairing has been voted favorite soap couple in the We Love Soaps reader poll 36 weeks in a row.

"I think everyone is just concerned with what will happen to WilSon," he says. "That's what I'm concerned about too."

"I don't want Will and Sonny to break up. I want them to be together forever and go off and get married. If I'm in school and not able to get back and they decide to bring someone else to play Will, I won't be upset and bitter. I want what is best for WilSon."


  1. I think the show should absolutely recast. I like Chandler Massey but his acting has been overrated because of his enormous charm and good looks. Will Horton can definitely be recast. Even Bo Brady had been recast fr a time! Heck, the actor playing Sonny's friend Brent would make a good Will if not already on the show.

    I am not a fan of Will & Sonny, never saw the chemistry. I am happy to have a gay couple front-burnered on a television show but it doesn't supersede chemistry!

  2. When a recast is done right, it can be magical. Look at the characters of Vicky/Marley on ANOTHER WORLD. Ellen Wheeler was great in those roles and everyone thought they couldn't be recast. Along comes Anne Heche and knocks it out of the ballpark. When I heard Jensen Buchanan was taking over, I only knew her from her role as Sarah on OLTL which was a boring victimy heroine. Imagine my surprise, when Jensen turned out to be terrific. Re-cast Will.

  3. NBC should pay whatever they can to make Chandler happy at DAYS and beyond. A new three-year contract plus a prime-time development deal. He's the best thing to happen to daytime TV in years.

  4. Yes, put me in the "defifinitely recast" column (after a fairly brief intermission). In fact, I'll even take this opportunity to offer up a name for NuWill. It's actor, Barrett Crake. I just saw him in a wonderful indie film at Outfest last week (Bruno and Earlene Go to Las Vegas). He played a supporting role as a sexually-confused carjacker/drifter whom the title-duo meet while making their desert road trip. He was great; then, later I realized that he's briefly (at least, so far) appeared in the indie soap "Fabulous High." And as you can see, he definitely qualifies in the Will Horton Chest department... lol!

  5. I think he should be recasted I love WilSon I think they have amazing chemistry but that doesn't mean Freddie wouldn't have chemistry with somebody else look at Sonny and Carly on GH all the actors have amazing chemistry with Sonny on their so I think they should recast him and the role is more important than the actor.

  6. He's one of my favorites! I just pre-ordered my copy of Better Living the book to learn about his healthy living secrets, get yours today:

  7. If I compare the acting and the "chemistry" of WilSon to Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann) of As The World Turns, it's unbelievable that WilSon are on and Nuke are not.

    Van and Jake should have won all those Emmys and gotten the airtime WilSon is getting. They were so much better and had such a unique chemistry!!

    I don't get the hype about WilSon and that whole silly, stereotyping "Gay guy knocks up the first best girl when he's having a bad week" story at all!

  8. I hated the way Will treated his mother. Always making her feel guilty
    for his childhood. Enough. Most young parents don't do a good job. She did the best she could because she was a kid herself. Will always blamed Sami and his father wasn't a saint.

    1. Will did not do anything to Sami that she didn't do to Marlena. So, Sami was reaping what she sowed.

  9. My heart was broken when Chandler Massey left Days. That's why its so hard to accept a new Will. The new guy is not Will or Chandler, he's a stranger. Its gonna take a long time to adjust to this.