ALL MY CHILDREN & ONE LIFE TO LIVE Spoilers (Week of August 5)

The OnLine Network (TOLN) is now releasing the entire week's worth of new ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE episodes on Mondays. Check out episode descriptions for the week of August 5th below.


Episodes released Monday, July 29:

ALL MY CHILDREN (Episode 49)
Opal—hostess on the red carpet. Disaster or triumph? Will the steroids impact JR’s behavior at the Gala? AJ and Miranda are dressed for the Gala, but when Heather interrupts, will their relationship ever be the same again? Colby Chandler … Villain, Vixen or just arm candy for David at the Gala.

ALL MY CHILDREN (Episode 50)
Looking ravishing, Brooke enters the gala and catches Dimitri’s eye. Will this be the night that will change their relationship forever? A mysterious bidder wins a date with Pete. Lonely Miranda finds a date for the Gala---someone everyone in Pine Valley has their eye on. With David so close to Oliver at the Gala, will Cara’s world come crashing down?

ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Episode 48)
Todd delivers devastating news to all of his family members. The Buchanan brothers face off when Bo tries to get Clint to take responsibility for his actions. Jeffrey sticks up for Viki when Dorian gets aggressive.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Episode 49)
A health scare brings the Buchanan family together at the hospital. Todd and Blair must make a heart breaking decision. In a shocking twist, a character’s true intentions begin to be revealed.

Chapter 15, MORE ALL MY CHILDREN (Episode 51) and MORE ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Episode 50)
Soaps, sex and stars, behind the scenes of ALL MY CHILDREN & ONE LIFE TO LIVE! Exclusive actor interviews, inside scoops and a first look at what's coming up next!

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