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Binge-Viewing Gives Composers New Headaches
With shifting viewing habits and binge-viewing erasing the traditional pacing of episodes, some composers are forced to take an unusually long-view approach to their work, as the distinctions between scoring for film and scoring for TV become fewer by the week.

BREAKING BAD Creator Vince Gilligan on Why Binge-Watching Saved His Show
No matter how addictive the show may be, you can’t get people hooked on something they won’t sample, and getting viewers to try a new show isn’t easy. Luckily, in the case of Breaking Bad it came along at a time when TV fans were just becoming accustomed to all-you-can-eat viewing thanks to services like Netflix, iTunes and – later – Amazon Instant. It was those services that, according to BREAKING BAD creator Vince Gilligan, allowed fans to catch up on his acclaimed AMC show and join it in later seasons.

The MAD MEN Treadmill - Is This Season More Focused On 1968 Than The Characters?
Ostensibly, MAD MEN is a show about "the '60s." But stories "about" particular times almost never work. Stories about people work. At any rate, it's pretty clear that Season Six has almost nothing to say about the times beyond, "This guy called this guy a fascist, and some hippies were doing drugs, and that guy called that guy a racist." As uninteresting as this season has been, it is at its least interesting when it is trying to "say" something—about the year, about the city, whatever.

Increasingly the magical '60s and a crumbling New York have become a crutch for MAD MEN.

Is THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL producer Colleen Bell about to become a U.S. Ambassador?
Nearly $20 million was raised for President Obama's re-election in the Los Angeles area, where Hollywood fundraisers played a significant role. So it's no shock that an unprecedented number of showbiz insiders are finalists for diplomatic appointments during Obama's second term.

Whomever Obama decides on for the coveted Paris post, he or she will join a surprising number of nominees with Hollywood ties. Among them: Emmy-nominated television producer Colleen Bell, said to be in line for Belgium or Hungary; longtime Democratic activist and executive John Emerson, whose name has come up as a possible ambassador to Germany; HBO executive James Costos, who according to sources is under consideration for Spain; media executive-turned-political activist Rufus Gifford, who is being eyed for Denmark; and political consultant Noah Mamet, who is in the running for Argentina. Tennis Channel chief Ken Solomon is in the mix as an appointee for later in Obama's term; the president is expected to make some appointments for two-year terms rather than four to allow for more picks.

Will THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL win Best Drama at this year's Daytime Emmys
Check out the Gold Derby picks.

Sebastian Ligarde, Mexican Soap Star, Comes Out As Gay, Says He Was Inspired By Ricky Martin
The 59-year-old Mexican soap star, and famous villain in the telenovela QUINCEANERA, told TVyNovelas magazine: “I'm gay and I say this with pride. No gay person should have to walk down the street with stigma stamped on his forehead. Sexual preference is genetic... and if God and my family knows it, then let the world know it."

ALL MY CHILDREN's Vincent Irizarry: Soap operas 'are such an important genre'
"I don't know why it happened the way it did. From all appearances, it seems like it was terribly mishandled. Being there at the epicenter while it was happening, it was confounding to all of us. We were like, 'What is going on?' It was really disheartening to see [ALL MY CHILDREN] come to that end, and it just seemed so unnecessary. It never should have happened."

EMMERDALE cast pay tribute to Richard Thorp for his final episode
He starred in EMMERDALE for more than three decades but Tuesdady night Richard Thorp, known to fans as Alan Turner, was seen in the soap for the final time. The one hour special contained the last scenes filmed by Thorp before his death last month. There was also a special dedication at the end of the episode which came on the day of the actor's funeral.

Former THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS star Victoria Rowell talks about foster families
Rowell talked to several groups in Canton about her youth and the incredible women who helped raise her in foster care.

Marisa Ramirez Promoted to BLOOD BLOODS Series Regular
Following a recurring arc as Danny's partner, the actress has been promoted to series regular -- replacing Jennifer Esposito.

Roger Bart to Recur on Showtime’s EPISODES
Bart has secured a four-episode arc as Matt LeBlanc’s agent on the upcoming season.

FIRST LOOK: Former THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL actress Agnes Brucker in the Anna Nicole movie trailer

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