NEWS: LOGOtv Daytime Soap on Vine, Maurice Benard's Son on DAYS, B&B Meet & Greet

LOGOtv is rolling out a daytime soap on micro-video platform Vine
THE VINES OF SAUVIGNON BLANC cast includes Sue Galloway from 30 Rock, Stephen Guarino from HAPPY ENDINGS and Reichen Lemkuhl from AMAZING RACE and tragic reality TV series THE A-LIST: NEW YORK. The episodes premiere at 1 p.m. ET every weekday.

The mini-series follows Luke Eleganza, owner of "Eleganza Winery," who just found out he has two minutes and six seconds to live. Luke has an evil twin brother who stands to inherit his vineyards and needs to find a husband/heir before his brother ruins it all. It's campy, to-the-point and brilliant.

Maurice Benard's eight year old son, Joshua, coming to DAYS OF OUR LIVES?
Benard's wife, Paula, tweeted on Monday: "Going to get work permit for Joshua to do DOOL. Haven't done this since Cailey played your son in a nightmare of the death of Lilly! 18years!"

Watch the first episode below:

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Meet & Greet coming August 23, 2013
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL will be hosting a Cast Meet and Greet at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles, CA on Friday, August 23 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Noon. This event is free of charge to fans and is open to the general public.

Scary Movie: The Fear Factor of MAD MEN's Season Six
In the end—at least for now—it was not a Manson-style murder, a violent home invasion, a riot or an office bloodbath that befell MAD MEN last Sunday. It was Ken Cosgrove getting unceremoniously Cheneyed in the face by a trigger-happy GM executive and surviving to tell the tale, wearing the eyepatch prefigured by Stan’s poster of Moshe Dayan.

And yet it came in the penultimate episode of a season that has been overhung with a sense of dread and menace, and–unusually even in the oxygen-rich atmosphere of MAD MEN speculation–distinguished by especially elaborate fan theories about what horrible things the show was hinting at. Even before the season started, there were portents of danger and crime; see the season-debut poster in which NYC beat cops figured prominently.

Jo Joyner on Tanya's EASTENDERS exit storyline and future plans
"Tanya first realizes something isn't right when she goes to see Lauren at Max's but she isn't there. It soon becomes clear that she didn't come home, so they immediately go out looking for her. Then they discover that Lauren went off with a stranger. Tanya is shocked and out of her mind with worry. It's any mother's worst nightmare!"

Heather Locklear says the new boss on FRANKLIN & BASH is Amanda Woodward 2.0
"It's not easy for me to play someone who's in charge," Locklear says, "because I'm so not in charge. But when we filmed the last episode of the season, I read it and went, 'Oh, my gosh. This is Amanda Woodward!' I can't tell you what happens, but I said, 'OK ... got it. I'm there.' "

Savant will play Roger Thorson, a mock trial adviser whose colleague dies suddenly during a competition. His episode is tentatively set to air in early September.

Texas School Finance Trial Goes For Round Two
State district court Judge John Dietz likened the state's school finance case to the soap opera As The World Turns when he opened Wednesday's hearing on whether to reconsider evidence in the trial that concluded in February.
He drew the comparison not because of the trial's drama but because of its longevity.

"There were 13,858 episodes of AS THE WORLD TURNS and we are getting pretty close," Dietz said.

Gloria Trevi Re-Ups with Universal, Stars in New Soap Opera
The controversial star will gain new visibility thanks to her first starring role on a soap opera. Titled LIBRE PARA AMARTE (Free To Love You), the daily primetime soap began to air on Televisa June 17 and will air here on Univision at a later date.

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