IATSE 52 Expects Labor Issue With Prospect Park To Be Resolved Before ALL MY CHILDREN Returns From Hiatus In August

Prospect Park, which revived ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE on The OnLine Network earlier this year, is in talks with IATSE 52 locals, which say the company violated their labor agreement by airing some of the series episodes on cable in Canada and spending more per episode than the agreed-upon $125,000 budget ceiling.

Prospect, which said it has met all union requirements, put the show on hiatus this month more than a week ahead of schedule because of its tiff with IATSE, which has about 40 members on the crews of the shows. IATSE officials are downplaying the dispute and told Backstage it should be resolved before the shows resume production in August. The producers and the union have a contract that runs through December 31.

"We are committed to these shows," Prospect Park said when they announced the early hiatus, "and to the nearly 300 jobs they produce, thus we are exploring every legal and logistical option to maintain our production schedule."


  1. Thank you Prospect Park! Love you all! xo Keep All My Children and One Life To Live alive!!!

  2. So the union is upset that the fans in Canada got to see the show?? If you hadn't produced it they wouldn't have jobs......HELLO???

  3. um, the Union isnt mad that fans in Canada got to see the show, theyre mad that the contract they enetered into with Prospect Park, wasnt being abided by. when you enter into a contract with someone you have to keep your end of the bargain, and stick to your agreement...its just that simple.

    That being said...Im glad that the dispute will be resolved before the hiatus ends :)

  4. Maya, the contract is being "abided by". Do you work with IATSE? Do you know anything about them? They are notorious--NOTORIOUS--for bullying and grandstanding and trying to blackmail organizations/entities into capitulation. I have worked with them daily for 18 years and there is NOTHING too sleazy or too disgusting for them to try when they think they have a chance to get more than they have been contracted for. This is one more typical example of them willing to sacrifice the income of their membership for a shot in the dark that PP has deep pockets and will cough up more money out of fear. When you don't know what you're talking about, you should say nothing.

  5. I actually DO know what I'm talking about Union-wise, I've been a union member for over a decade, and NO, I do not work for IATSE or any affiliation with the IATSE, but I know about About labor disputes and contract negotiations, So I'll speak as often as I feel like JESSICA. But you don't have to be affiliated with a union, all you have to do is READ the various article's concerning the early hiatus...the dispute is over the IATSE feeling the contract wasn't being abided by. Union members may have taken a pay cut in exchange for PP agreeing to only make each episode for $125,000 or less, IF PP is spending more than that, then that would mean they could/should pay the workers more. Plain and simple. You have good Unions and bad unions...I don't know if PP violated the contract, but IF they did than IATSE is entitled to do what they did. That's my point Jessica, and again, I'll say what I like, when I like.

  6. The going on budget claim may or may not be correct and it seems like an audit is happening so time will tell.

    But the Canadian TV claim is cut and dry. The contract either said PP could air the shows on TV in Canada or not. If they agreed not to and did anyway, they face a penalty, whatever that is (pay extra $$, renegotiate contract, etc).

    IATSE 52 is a local union dealing with AMC.

    Whenever I go to various Broadway Cares or other Broadway events around NYC the actors go out of their way to praise the various IATSE unions.

    I'm sure there are good and bad people involved but in this case it just matters what was in the contract and it was abided by. If PP did not violate the contract in any way that will (hopefully) come out and IATSE will look bad. If PP did, they pay the penalty and move forward. But from the Backstage article, it seems like IATSE doesn't make it sound like they are too worried. Although I have to wonder who leaked this story to The Wrap in the first place where it was originally blown up.

    1. Thank You for posting that Roger, you summed that up perfectly :) I just hope everything gets worked out ASAP so we can get back to taping more episodes. I kinda wondered who leaked the story too, lol :D