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Univsion 2013-2014 Lineup

Ahead of the network’s upfront next Tuesday, Univision today unveiled its programming slate for next season. Along with a number of returning series, Univision itself will be launching 21 new series plus eight new series on it youth focused UniMás network and three on its Sports heavy Galavision outlet. The Univision Network shows include two new big telenovelas, LA TEMPESTAD (The Storm) and MENTIR PARA VIVIR (Lie So You Can Live). In addition to a lot of sports, Univision will also for the first time be adapting English language series for the Hispanic market.

UniMás, Univision’s second broadcast network, will be airing Metastasis, a US-based series patterned on AMC’s BREAKING BAD, and GOSSIP GIRL ACAPULCO, a look at the scandalous lives of Acapulco’s elite based on the CW series. Both series are set to debut in 2014 said Univision Communications president and CEO Randy Falco on a conference call today. Falco also said there were a few surprises still left to be announced by the company next week in NYC including some new awards shows and a musical reality series set to air in 2014 that Univision Studios is co-producing. For the time being, here are the details about Univision’s programming on its main network, UniMás and on its sports platforms.



With nail biting story lines and featuring the most beloved stars and acclaimed directors and producers
within in the Hispanic community, Univision telenovelas guarantee to enthrall audiences once again.

LA TEMPESTAD” (The Storm)– This riveting telenovela follows the story of Marina, whose revelations of her vengeful former boss’ indiscretions force her to find work in a small fishing village. There she meets Damián, the owner of the fishing boat La Tempestad and they fall in love. But dark clouds quickly gather as jealous and ambitious rivals emerge bent on destroying any hopes they may have had for happiness. Will Damián and Marina be able to weather the storm and find calm waters once again? This telenovela features today’s hottest heartthrob and cross-over sensation William Levy and former Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete, and is produced by Salvador Mejia (“Triunfo del Amor” and “Que Bonito Amor”). (Monday – Friday, Primetime – Televisa)

MENTIR PARA VIVIR (Lie So You Can Live) – A single moment in time can change everything forever. That is the premise of this intricate tale which takes off when Oriana finds out her husband in engaged in illegal activities. When an unexpected murder takes place, Oriana flees to a small Mexican resort hotel and takes on a false identity in order to protect her daughter. Through her journey to untangle the lies and plots that have tied her life into knots, she discovers what she’s really made of. Produced by Rosy Ocampo (“Por Ella Soy Eva” and “La Fuerza del Destino“) and written by Maria Zarattini author of “Amor Real” and “Sortilegio,” this telenovela stars Mayrín Villanueva, David Zepeda, Diego Olivera and Altair Jarabo. (Monday- Friday, Primetime – Televisa)

“Libre Para Amarte” (Free to Love) – Life’s journey hasn’t been an easy one for Aurora. Not only is she solely responsible for the caring of her niece, but she is also the financial backbone of her entire family, including her boyfriend. She takes over Los Cocodrilos (The Crocodiles), a famous taxi stand in Mexico City, after her father is forced to retire. Her life, however, spins out of control when the man of her dreams gets into her taxi cab one day. But timing is everything in life, and theirs isn’t ideal. As their plot thickens, four additional story lines featuring the hysterical lives of the taxi drivers Aurora works with unfold, and viewers are treated to cameo appearances by some of Latin America’s biggest celebrities playing passengers in the taxis. The telenovela stars Gloria Trevi, known as the “Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop,” making her telenovela debut, as well as Gabriel Soto (“Un Refugio Para el Amor”) and Eduardo Santamarina (“Velo de Novia” and “Rubi”). (Monday – Friday, Primetime – Televisa)

La Mujer del Vendaval” (The Woman from Vendaval) – This is the story of Marcela, a young woman who is about to receive a large inheritance on the condition that she marry. She meets a worthy suitor named Alessandro, a wealthy heir in his own right. A valuable piece of jewelry goes missing and triggers this who-done-it telenovela. Featuring Ariadne Díaz (“Mañana es Para Siempre”) and José Ron “La Que No Podía Amar”), produced by Mapat L. de Zatarain. (Monday – Friday, Primetime – Televisa)


“Durmiendo con mi Jefe” (Sleeping with my Boss) – A modern Mexican twist on the classic sitcom
“The Odd Couple.” When Gael, a womanizing boss, gets a divorce, his perpetually late but loyal employee Carlos, takes him into his home. The one catch, he still lives with his “mami” and sister. “Durmiendo con mi Jefe” features veteran comedian and producer Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo and “Hoy” co- host Raul Araiza. (Primetime – Televisa)

“Todo Incluido” (All-Inclusive) – While exploiting the comedic situations bound to take place in a busy boutique hotel in Mexico, this sitcom showcases the incredibly popular alter egos of comedian Adrian Uribe. The funnyman’s well-known and beloved characters play several of the hospitality staff members and guests. The sitcom also features other popular Mexican comedians, sports figures, actors, and singers who make cameos each week. (Primetime – Televisa)

“Casate Conmigo” (Marry Me) – This comedy series features Valeria Mejia, a woman who flees the altar for the third time. With the help of her three friends, Valeria ponders the question many in her generation ask: ‘Why marry?’ “Casate Conmigo” features a stellar cast that includes Galilea Montijo, Arath de la Torre, Paul Stanley and Jorge Poza, among others. (Primetime – Televisa)

Reality Shows

“Va Por Ti” – In search of the next music superstar, twelve of the biggest names in Latin music will
join amateur singers as they compete to help them win the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to make it on Hispanic America’s biggest platform: Univision Communications. The Latin superstars will give it all to have their partners become the newest Latin music star and secure a multiplatform deal with Univision and millions of dollars in prizes. Co-produced by Televisa and Univision, this new reality franchise will leverage digital and social platforms to further drive engagement and will provide multiplatform content opportunities. (Sunday, Primetime – Univision and Televisa)

“¡Mira Quién Baila! 4” (Look Who’s Dancing! 4) – The hit reality dance competition returns bigger than ever in its fourth season. This competition pairs a group of Hispanic celebrities with dancers showcasing their moves to a variety of rhythms. Every week, contestants rotate partners and compete in front of a live studio audience, while an expert panel of judges selects the top dancers. (Sunday, Primetime – Univision Studios and Endemol)

“Nuestra Belleza Latina 8” (Our Latin Beauty – One of the highest rated reality shows on Spanish- language television returns more beautiful than ever in its eighth season. “Nuestra Belleza Latina” features the perfect mixture of reality drama, talent contest and beauty pageant all rolled into one, with the ultimate pay off – viewers vote to decide who stays and who goes. Hosted by Giselle Blondet, viewers enjoy every intimate detail of this exciting reality competition, starting with episodes featuring the cross-country auditions for the next Latin beauty and the grueling process contestants are put through to be selected as the finalists. Renowned beauty coach Osmel Sousa, Mexico’s former Miss Universe Lupita Jones and telenovela heartthrob Julian Gil return as the panel of judges who, along with viewer participation, determine the winner. (Sunday, Primetime – Univision Studios)

“Parodiando 3” (Parody 3) – A sidesplitting comedy show featuring contestants competing as the top celebrity impersonator, “Parodiando” returns with non-stop laughs and a cast of superstar mentors offering advice and guiding contestants through various challenges. Héctor Sandarti hosts and presents the program’s contestants as they deliver hilarious skits and amusing performances, imitating entertainment’s all-time favorite celebrities. With two teams of imitators battling it out, the one left standing will get the last laugh. (Sunday, Primetime – Televisa)


Ten documentary films in partnership with Participant Media – Through an innovative and
groundbreaking joint venture, Univision News and Participant Media (producers of “Lincoln,” “The Help” and “An Inconvenient Truth”) have come together to produce and market a series of 10 compelling documentaries drawn from the headlines, and produced in both Spanish and English for television, online and mobile distribution.


Developed especially for Hispanic millennials, UniMás brings a surprising and fresh perspective to Spanish-language television. With content geared to a younger bicultural audience, it complements the programming found on the Univision Network.

Dramatic Series

“Metastasis” – Based on the critically acclaimed American series “Breaking Bad,” “Metastasis” is the
story of a struggling high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. He turns to a life of crime, producing and selling meth with a former student with the goal of securing his family’s financial future before he passes away. (Primetime – Sony)

“La Selección” (The Team) – With the upcoming 20th anniversary of Colombia’s legendary 1994 World Cup team and their 5-0 victory over rival Argentina – one of the most inspiring stories in all of soccer history – UniMás presents the Caracol production of “La Selección.” Told for the very first time, it is based on the true stories of the four principle stars of the team, El Pibe Valderrama, Freddy Rincón, René Higuita and Faustino Asprilla. The series follows their rise from the humble dirt soccer fields of their childhood, to the grandeur of international stardom and national pride – all set against the turbulent backdrop of Colombia’s civil and drug wars of the time. Their stories demonstrate the capacity of dedicated human beings to overcome adversities and obstacles to realize their most cherished dreams – both on and off the soccer field. (Primetime – Caracol)

“La Viuda Negra” (The Back Widow) – Ripped straight from the headlines, “La Viuda Negra” is based on the true story of Griselda Blanco, “the Cocaine Godmother,” who virtually ruled the Miami drug trade in the 1970s and early 1980s. Born an illegitimate child in a bordello in Colombia, she grew up on the backstreets and learned how to use her charms and wits to start a life of crime that eventually took her to Miami. There she became the undisputed queen of the illegal drug trade with Colombia. Married four times, she killed each of her unfortunate husbands, thus earning the name “The Black Widow.” “La
Viuda Negra” is a fascinating look into the dark world of a woman whose story is sure to capture viewers in her web of lies and deceit. (Primetime – RTI)

“Gossip Girl Acapulco” – Based on the successful American series, “Gossip Girl Acapulco” is a faithful look into the privileged and often turbulent lives of an elite group of beautiful young people, but this time in the hot tropical world of the famous Mexican resort town. In an added twist, it will mark the very first time that a dramatic series airs simultaneously in the U.S. by Univision and in Mexico by Televisa, which means unprecedented digital and integrated marketing opportunities, especially for a series in which social media plays such an important role. (Primetime – El Mall)

“La Madame” – This tantalizing new series is based on a book… a little black book, to be exact. One owned by “La Madame,” who runs a network of beautiful women and established models who offer their services to prominent men. This is a book full of some very interesting stories that will finally be told each night by… “La Madame.” Starring former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. (Primetime – RTI)

“Cloroformo” – This is a gritty, no-holds-barred story of five boxers who train at a gym in Mexico City, their manager, and a promoter who has seen the former glory of the sport deteriorate to its present, unseemly state. It’s a place that serves as a focal point to look into each of their lives, dreams, fears, victories, and defeats, both in and out of the ring. It’s an unvarnished look into their passionate, addictive world in which there’s much more at stake than just winning a fight. A place where social standing is irrelevant and, at the end of the day, every punch hurts everyone just the same. Starring Osvaldo Benevides, Tenoch Huerta, Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Alex Perea and Zuria Vega, “Cloroformo” also features special guest appearances by Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard and Julio César Chávez. (Primetime – Televisa)

“Diablo Guardián” (Guardian Devil) – This is a story of innocence lost, dangerous addictions and dreams that become nightmares. The series features a 15-year-old girl, who is always at odds with her parents and wants no part of their plans for her in Mexico. She steals more than $100,000 and crosses the Mexican border into the U.S. She settles in New York City to fulfill her dream of living ‘the good life’ in the Big Apple. But money has a way of running out and she finds out the hard way that survival for a young, unskilled, immigrant girl comes at a price. “Diablo Guardián” is based on the best-selling novel and adapted by Gustavo Bolivar, writer of “El Capo” and “Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso.” (Primetime – RTI)

“Los Héroes del Norte 3” (Heroes of the North 3) – This comedic adventure returns narrating the fun of five characters who meet under the worst of circumstances and form a band in their search for stardom within the world of norteño music. Despite adversity Zacarías, interpreted by renowned Mexican actor Miguel Rodarte, and his pals El Faquir, Don Apolinar, El Botarga and El Menonita, find the key to success within the challenging world of grupero Mexican regional music, showing their fans, and the world, that even the most common of men can become heroes. (Primetime – Televisa)


The Spanish-language cable destination connecting U.S. Hispanics of Mexican decent to their culture and roots

“#Hoy Soy Nadie” (#Today I’m Nobody) - This contemporary series couldn’t be more topical as it is set
in both the real world and the often murky and deceitful world of cyberspace. Mateo Blanco is a skilled programming designer who works at a well-known newspaper, and whose fate is turned upside down. Having committed a small fraud to his company, the owner sends Mateo on a strange mission in exchange for his freedom: he must collect blood samples from 15 young men and women from a list – without them or anyone suspecting it – in order to determine their possible identities as a missing heir. Now Mateo will have to rely on social media and his skills to find everyone on the list, adopting a different persona for each to infiltrate their lives, while keeping his task carefully hidden from his family and friends. (Primetime – Televisa)

“Místico e Inexplicable” (Mystical and Unexplainable) – “Místico e Inexplicable” is an original series hosted by Victoria Moreno that explores the paranormal. From UFOs, paranormal encounters and crop circles, to the Mayan calendar and stigmata, this show offers viewers a window into the mystic world. The docu-reality series is made in cooperation with famous Mexican paranormal scholar Jaime Maussan. (Weekend – Galavisión)

“México” – A series of hour-long documentaries dedicated to the experience of Mexico through its history, culture, sports and people. These documentaries have salvaged an archive of memories, as well as the country’s present and past. Featured shows include ‘La Vida de Chespirito’ (The Life of Chespirito), ‘Sara Garcia,’ ‘Tianguis and Mercados,’ ‘La Televisión Mexicana’ (Mexican Television), ‘Cómicos Mexicanos’ (Mexican Comedians), ‘Detrás de la Cocina Mexicana’ (Behind the Mexican Kitchen) as well as unforgettable sports stories. These are just some of the topics of this true video library of Mexico to be inherited by future generations. (Weekend – Galavisión)


Univision Deportes offers an integrated 360-degree sports experience through broadcast and cable, radio, online, mobile and social media platforms, effectively bringing Hispanics closer to the live sports, news and information they crave.

90 Días de Delirio (90 Days of Madness) – Univision Deportes brings an action-packed summer with the most exciting soccer matches and tournaments from around the globe. The extensive coverage of the world’s most popular sport includes the exciting end to the Liga MX Liguilla season, the FIFA Confederations Cup live from Brazil, the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the FIFA U-20 World Cup live from Turkey, as well as highly-anticipated matches featuring the U.S. National Team, the Mexican National Team, the German National Team, plus MLS matches including the 2013 MLS All-Star Game. The unprecedented summer of sports will feature more than 100 games and 3,000 hours of live soccer over a period of 90 days. In addition to soccer, Univision Deportes will continue its live coverage of Formula One racing, broadcasting qualifying races on Univision Deportes Network, and races on both UniMás and Univision Deportes Network.

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