STEAMBOAT Is Back, New Distribution on Roku and NetTalk Announced

Studio 47 Productions, with ConvergTV's The Venture Channel, announced today distribution of their award-winning and brand-integrated comedy soap spoof, STEAMBOAT, which is now available on Roku and NetTalk. This is phase one of a global roll out for the network and the show.

A NAPTE “Best In Branded Entertainment” nominee, STEAMBOAT is a behind the scenes mockumentary look at the last dying days of a beloved soap.

Most of the cast are soap stars with established careers in long-running or current daytime soaps from shows such as THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, GUIDING LIGHT and AS THE WORLD TURNS. Studio 47 Productions has delivered two episodes of STEAMBOAT so far and is in pre-production with 11 more.

More exciting to sponsors, STEAMBOAT is designed for brand integration. Well beyond product placement, the shows writers integrate the sponsors brand into the plot and dialogue of the script. This allows for multiple mentions and scene placements in a comedy setting, while still carefully protecting the brand image.

The show can be written in a tier system to integrate up to a maximum of three brands or serve as a message delivery for a single brand, as negotiated. Studio 47 Productions also has one reality show slated to commence production summer 2013 and has three more comedies in development. All are designed for Brand Integration and all are designed for Global, Cross Platform Distribution.

Studio 47 Productions creative team, led by Michael O’Leary and Scott Bryce, operates out of Palace Digital Studios in South Norwalk, Connecticut. STEAMBOAT is produced under an AFTRA/SAG new media contract.