NEWS: Few Breakout TV Hits in 2012-2013, Eva Longoria Earns Master's Degree

The 2012–13 TV Season in One Really Depressing Chart
The 2012–13 television season officially passed into the Nielsen history books Wednesday night, bringing to an end what will likely be remembered as one of the worst years ever in the history of network TV (assuming, of course, that anyone still remembers what "television" is in 50 years). There were hardly any new breakout hits (though THE FOLLOWING, REVOLUTION, and ELEMENTARY did okay). And, as has been widely reported, the Big Four as a whole bled viewers: They collectively lost about 10 percent of their adults-under-50 audience this season, with none of the major broadcasters growing year to year in the key demo. But as bad as things look on the macro level, the devastation is even more evident — and jaw-dropping — when you dig into the numbers for all the returning shows.

11 Winners And Losers Of The TV Season
1. Losers: All the Networks
2. Winner: CBS
3. Losers: Most New Shows
4. Winner: Shonda Rhimes

GLEE star Lea Michele writes a book
The Emmy-nominated actress, 26, has signed a deal with Harmony Books to write her first book, titled "Brunette Ambition," which will be a part memoir, part how-to and part style guide. It's due out next spring.

NASHVILLE: In Defense of Hayden Panettiere's Juliette Barnes
Given the unflattering (but surely fun to act) plotlines, Hayden Panettiere also wins the Michael Emerson prize for “Humanizing Terrible Characters on Network TV”: not only does she make such ridiculous antics seem completely authentic and natural to her character, she also renders Juliette … likable.

Eva Longoria earns master's degree
Longoria spent the last three years working on a master's degree in Chicano and Chicana Studies from CSUN. She graduated on Wednesday.

Colombian soap opera actor beaten for portraying TV tough-guy villain
Actor Mauricio Bastidas, who appeared as villain Pedro Venildo Caseres on RCN's ‘Tres Milagros’ was beaten on the street by angry viewers who confused him for the bad guy he played.

Are EASTENDERS, CORRIE, EMMERDALE and HOLLYOAKS making the UK fat and lazy?
Soap opera chiefs have slammed suggestions that their shows promote unhealthy lifestyles and poor diets, saying their programs "aim to reflect modern life" and comply with Ofcom guidelines.

Their remarks come following the publication of a two-week study by Liverpool John Moores University Business School that looked at more than 830 scenes from our most popular continuing dramas and found that 72 per cent of the food consumed, or referred to, was unhealthy and that exercise was only shown or mentioned on four occasions.

The report cited long-serving EMMERDALE character Eric Pollard (Christopher Chittell) as being Britain’s unhealthiest, with 62 per cent of his scenes said to feature him drinking during the daytime in the Woolpack, or at home, with a glass of red wine. According to findings, 79 per cent of all food-related scenes on EMMERDALE feature unhealthy eating – news that might come as a surprise to loyal viewers who frequently see Nikhil Sharma (Rik Makarem) fretting over his exercise regime.

An official spokesperson for ITV said: “EMMERDALE and CORONATION STREET aim to reflect modern life. Both programs comply with the regulations set down by broadcaster regulator Ofcom.”

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