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Liberace on ANOTHER WORLD in 1986
HBO's Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra, starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, garnered 2.4 million Total Viewers for its Sunday premiere, ranking as the cable network's highest rated original movie since Something the Lord Made in 2004.

The real Liberace made appearances on NBC daytime soap opera ANOTHER WORLD in the years before he passed away. He came on the show for for a two week stint in May/June 1985. He returned in February 1986 for Felicia and Zane's wedding. Liberace was a friend of Felicia Gallant (Linda Dano) and played the piano at her wedding reception. The classic clip below is from his 1986 appearance.

Liberace was an outspoken fan of ANOTHER WORLD, reportedly saying he scheduled his performances around the show, and a fan of Linda Dano as well, whom he called "The Joan Collins of daytime television."

The admiration was mutual for Dano who said in 1985, "We're like kindred spirits."

In a 1997 chat, Dano spoke more about Liberace.

"Liberace and I met because he, too, was a fan of ANOTHER WORLD," she said. "He had sent me an invitation to opening night at Radio City. Days before that, I accidentally met him at Tiffany's. He got very, very excited when he met me, and asked if I was coming to his opening night. I was so thrilled and honored. I said yes, and Frank and I went to the show at Radio City, and afterwards to the private party in the Trump building."

"He told me that night that he would love to come on Another World and work with me. And, as you all know, he attended two of my weddings. It was a great joy to know such a consummate and gifted performer. But an even greater joy to know such a deeply giving and loving man. I miss him still."

Liberace passed away on February 4, 1987, at age 67.

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