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1913: Actress and soap opera writer Elizabeth Harrower was born. Born Betty Louise Foss, she starred in movies such as Towering Inferno and True Grit. She started writing for soaps in the 1970s at DAYS OF OUR LIVES and later wrote for RYAN'S HOPE, GENERATIONS and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. She took on her final role, playing Charlotte Ramsey on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, while undergoing chemotherapy. She died in 2004 at age 85. Harrower was also the mother of actress Susan Seaforth Hayes.

1970: On DARK SHADOWS, Maggie Collins was trying to preserve her marriage to Quentin (David Selby) unaware his first wife, Angelique, had been brought back from the dead, murdered her twin, Alexis, and assumed her identity in Collinwood to get Quentin back. After he found Maggie reading love letters he wrote to Angelique, Quentin became angry and told the family to cancel the following night's masquerade ball. Barnabas (Jonathan Frid) remained suspicious of "Alexis" when she feigned sympathy over Maggie and Quentin's strained union. After Liz convinced Quentin to continue with the party, "Alexis" and her scheming servant, Hoffman, helped Maggie choose a period dress. Maggie didn't realize that it was Angelique's favorite gown until Quentin saw it on her at the gala and stormed off as "Alexis" savored her moment of triumph.

1974: The first Daytime Emmy Awards were held at New York's Rockefeller Center. Performers included Mary Stuart and Bill Hayes. Presenters included Ann Flood, Forrest Compton, Arlene Francis, Jacqueline Courtney, Larry Keith, Soupy Sales, Rodney Allen Rippy, Mary Fickett, Ellen Holly, Al Freeman, Jr., Geoff Edwards, Dennis James, Henderson Forsythe, Rosemary Prinz, Susan Seaforth, Bill Hayes, and Jack Gilford. Below are the Daytime Drama winners (the technical categories mixed all genres):

Outstanding Drama Series: THE DOCTORS
Best Actor: Macdonald Carey (DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
Best Actress: Elizabeth Hubbard (THE DOCTORS)
Best Individual Director: Wes Kenney (DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
Outstanding Technical Direction and Electronic Camerawork: ONE LIFE TO LIVE
Outstanding Lighting Direction: THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
Best Writing: Henry Slesar (THE EDGE OF NIGHT)
Outstanding Art Direction or Scenic Design: THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
Outstanding Sound Mixing: DAYS OF OUR LIVES

1975: On ANOTHER WORLD, Gil (Dolph Sweet) broke it to Rachel (Victoria Wyndham) that Steve had been killed in a helicopter crash on the way to the airport in Sydney.

1980: On GUIDING LIGHT, Morgan (Kristen Vigard) became upset with Kelly (John Wesley Shipp) for giving Tim (Kevin Bacon) false encouragement.

1980: On ALL MY CHILDREN, Benny (Vasili Bogazianos) and Edna (Sandy Gabriel) clashed over Estelle.

1982: Elizabeth Berridge aired for the final time as Allison Linden on TEXAS.

1984: On RYAN'S HOPE, Johnno (Jadrien Steele) told Johnny (Bernard Barrow) that Jillian hated him. Meanwhile, Roger (Ron Hale) fell during a violent confrontation with Frank (Geoffrey Pierson).

1986: Original AS THE WORLD TURNS cast member Don MacLaughlin died at age 79. His last ATWT appearance was the show's 30th anniversary, which was billed as a 50th anniversary celebration for Chris and Nancy Hughes.

1996: On GENERAL HOSPITAL, after a night of passion, Jason (Steve Burton) and Carly (Sarah Brown) set the ground rules for their no strings attached relationship.

2003: Actress Martha Scott died at the age of 90. Her soap roles included Margaret Millington in SECRETS OF MIDLAND HEIGHTS, Patricia Shepard on DALLAS, and Jennifer Talbot in GENERAL HOSPITAL.

2003: Actor Peter MacLean died at age 67. His soap roles included Shawn Brady on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Govenor Harrison in RITUALS, Scott McKenzie on SOMERSET, John Rainey in WHERE THE HEART IS and Hugh Clayborn on THE SECRET STORM.

2004: Actor Gerald Anthony died at age 54. His soap roles included Marco Dane on both ONE LIFE TO LIVE and GENERAL HOSPITAL, and Rick Madison in ANOTHER WORLD.

2013: THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS aired a special tribute episode in honor of Jeanne Cooper.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
Sally Stark (ex-Sharon, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Trish, GUIDING LIGHT) - 75
Rudy Giuliani (Guest Star, GUIDING LIGHT) - 69
Clement von Franckenstein (ex-Guy, ALL MY CHILDREN) - 69
Leah Ayres (ex-Valerie; THE EDGE OF NIGHT; ex-Marcia, THE BRADYS) - 56
Bruce McDonald (Director, DEGRASSI; QUEER AS FOLK) - 54
Kylie Minogue (ex-Charlene, NEIGHBOURS) - 45
Alicia Minshew (Kendall, ALL MY CHILDREN) - 39
Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Herself, ALL MY CHILDREN; UGLY BETTY) - 36
Jesse Bradford (ex-Ryan, THE WEST WING) - 34
Emily O'Brien (ex-Jana, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) - 28
Joseph Cross (ex-Casey, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 27

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  1. Leah Ayres also played Valerie Bryson on Edge of Night from 1981 to 1983.

  2. I think this might have been the day Steve Frame's plan went down in 1975 on AW.

    I remember my mom sitting on the couch crying and it was my birthday (I was ten).

    Now, all these years later, I am sitting here with my mother crying over Mrs. C.

  3. Thanks, James.

    Chip, that's a great one. Added it in.