Friday, May 3, 2013

ALL MY CHILDREN & ONE LIFE TO LIVE Top The Charts For Their Debut Week

The Online Network's (TOLN) "All My Children" and "One Life To Live" topped all charts in its debut week and earned rave reviews across the board. The shows maintained an average of #2 across both iTunes and Hulu, along with 4.5/5 star audience review on all platforms!
Below is a summary of key statistics:

Day One (Launch Day):
·     "AMC" #1 on both iTunes TV Seasons (dethroned MAD MEN from #1 position) and #1 most popular episodes on Hulu
·     "OLTL" #2 on iTunes TV Seasons and Most Popular episodes on Hulu

Day Two:
·     "AMC" #1 on both iTunes TV Seasons and #1 most popular episodes on Hulu
·     "OLTL" #2 on iTunes TV Seasons and Most Popular episodes on Hulu

Day Three:
·     "AMC" #2 and "OLTL"  #4 on iTunes (dethroned only by DEXTER)
·     "AMC" #3 and "OLTL"  #5 on Hulu

Day Four:
·     "AMC" #2 and "OLTL" #4 on iTunes
·     "AMC" #5 and "OLTL" #6 on Hulu

Recap shows air today and numbers are strong heading into the weekend as viewers are likely to binge view.


  1. I am so very happy to have AMC and OLTL back on, they have so many fans that were pissed when they went off the air a year and half ago. Thanks HULUplus for bringing back our best soaps in the world. I have enjoyed this week of both soaps. It was great to have 5 years past and show the new generation. Keep up the great job, I will always watch. I am a true fan, for many years plus+.

    1. I am so happy AMC is back online! It's refreshing to see old and new friends. The story line is already in place in just four days! I'm proud to say I watch AMC. :)

  2. When are we going to have some critical analysis of these shows? There is a LOT to talk about.

  3. M is right. I get that people are happy that the shows are back, but they are far from perfect.

    It's a shame that no one is willing to talk about the problems in the story telling, casting and production. Bringing those to light would only serve to make the shows better (hopefully).

    I want them to succeed and break new ground, not only in the format in which we watch, but in story telling. So far, I don't see that.

  4. Why nitpick this week! Celebrate. OLTL is better in every aspect then it has been in years. This came together so quickly, it will improve. But even if it never did I love this show.

  5. I wrote a long review of the first episodes of OLTL and AMC. There's only been three more episodes since then. I don't see any fundamental structural problems with either show. I actually love everything about AMC from a story perspective. What I don't like is more technical stuff (the design of the opening sequence, use of character names, some mistakes and poor choices in the closing credits). But none of that is nearly as important to me as the stories. With OLTL, my guess is dealing with Victor being back from the dead (most characters had a non-reaction) is something we won't have to deal with again as PP has said they aren't interested in overused soap cliches (back from the dead, evil twins). They were just kind of handed this one with the way OLTL ended, and had to address it. That is the only thing that did not ring true for me this week. I'm giving them a little more time to truly judge the stories and structure of the shows.

    But I have to agree with Susie, this is such an historic week that a little time for celebrating can't hurt. Plus, the shows have five weeks off every five weeks and I think that will allow for many tweaks along the way that wasn't possible in daytime. There is a very good group behind the scenes up in Stamford and no meddling network chief to get in their way.