EASTSIDERS Tackles Abortion In New Episode

LogoTV.com series EASTSIDERS joins the list of programs in television history that have tackled the controversial topic of abortion. In the new episode, out today, Kathy (Constance Wu) decides to terminate her pregnancy without notifying her boyfriend Ian (John Halbach).

“It was really important to me that Kathy's abortion be handled without any judgement," say series creator (and star) Kit Williamson. "Growing up in Mississippi, the subject of abortion was almost verboten. The sole abortion clinic in the state is constantly under siege by both protestors and lawmakers, with a steady barrage of "regulations" and limitations threatening to undermine a woman's right to choose. It's a fact of life that many women in their mid-twenties have abortions and in a way I felt like avoiding the story the characters were presenting would make me complicit in stigmatizing those women."

“There's never any question for the character of Kathy that terminating the pregnancy is the right decision-- it's something that she feels is a necessity," Williamson continues. Kathy's life would need to be completely restructured to accommodate having a child, and she doesn't feel like she's ready. Her relationship isn't ready. So she makes the choice to wait until she is. Sure, she probably should've told Ian about the pregnancy, but the fact that she didn't is almost further evidence that they aren't ready to raise a child together-- they aren't even able to talk about the idea. The subject of the episode isn't really abortion at all-- it's transparency and communication in relationships. “

Check out the episode below:

EASTSIDERS stars Kit Williamson as well as Daytime Emmy nominee Van Hansis, best known for his groundbreaking portrayal of Luke Snyder on AS THE WORLD TURNS. Episode 6 features guest star appearances from Sean Maher (THE PLAYBOY CLUB), Stephen Guarino (HAPPY ENDINGS), David Blue (STARGATE UNIVERSE), and Adam Bucci (STEAMROOM STORIES).

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  1. Before this episode, Eastsiders, with its excellent performances and superb writing, was already a show that raised the bar for all series, web or otherwise. That standard was raised even higher with episode six.

    Episode six handled the topic of abortion realistically and respectfully. It emphasised a woman's right to choose, while pointing out that 'pro choice' and 'pro life' are not mutually exclusive terms.

    I for one, and I am sure many men and women with me, was thrilled to see that addressed for once. Many of us live that reality.