Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CORONATION STREET Launching Racism Storyline

Craig Charles (Lloyd) and Tony Hirst (Paul)
CORONATION STREET will be rocked by a racism scandal storyline. The character of Paul Kershaw (Tony Hirst) is going to be accused of racist comments by cab driver Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles) after he uses the phrase "playing the white man" in conversation with Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson).

Stuart Blackburn, CORONATION STREET's producer, told the Daily Star newspaper: "There's a point when Paul, in a moment of stupidity and stress, makes one wrong remark. It's a remark he dismisses as nothing but what it takes us into is something of pride, loyalty and principle."

The remark is overheard by Lloyd's daughter Jenna Kamara (Krissi Bohn), who hurries to tell her dad.

The story is set to divide Weatherfield residents into two camps, with the situation worsening for Paul when his girlfriend Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) gets caught in the middle of things since she works with both Lloyd and Steve at the taxi office.

"It's a story that's going to ripple through Weatherfield and jeopardise Eileen's relationship not just with Paul but with Steve and Lloyd as well," Stuart added. "I think it's one of those modern stories that will get everyone talking."

It is likely the incident will lead to Paul's exit from the street, after it was announced actor Tony Hirst would be leaving the show this year.

The topical storyline follows a year on the soap that has been praised for addressing the issue of domestic violence in the Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) and Kirsty Soames' (Natalie Gumede) story.

CORONATION STREET won eight awards, including Best Soap, at the British Soap Awards 2013 last weekend.


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  1. Just a reminder for those who may be interested or haven't discovered it, but Coronation Street is also available on HULU (with each episode uploaded after a two-week delay from its original broadcast television air date).