Camryn Grimes Returning To THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS

Camryn Grimes was back at THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS taping scenes on Friday, according to Soap Opera Digest. Her first show will air on Monday, July 8.

Will she play Cassie's ghost? Is Cassie still alive? Did Cassie have a long-lost twin? Specifics are being kept under wraps but it is more than just a one-day visit. Grimes originated the role of Nick and Sharon's daughter in 1997 and played the part until the character's death in 2005.

The actress has made several guest appearances since then, and was most recently spotted on the big screen as the "Birthday Girl" in Magic Mike.


  1. Camryn has grown up into a stunning young lady! It was an epic fail on Y&R's part to have killed off her character.

  2. OMG, she is absolutely beautiful. I love Camryn Grimes....she was the best little child actress ever. I can't wait to see her on the Y&R again. As was previously mentioned, they should have NEVER killed her off. SO Happy she is coming back.....PLEASE make her her identical twin which Sharon never knew that she give birth at the time to two babies. WANT HER BACK!!!! Come on Cassie....I'll even take you back with another name (your twin).

  3. That would be weird if she were playing a now alive Cassie or a twin. I mean, characters who are definitely younger than her like Noah, Abby and Kyle have been aged to the point where they're being played by actors who are clearly older than Camryn.

    Characters like Fen and Summer, who were born after Cassie died, have been aged to the point where they're being played by actors who are around the same age as Camryn.

  4. Camryn is about 23. It is not outside the realm of possibility that Cassie could now be in her mid twenties. Honestly soaps have done this for years. When Heather Tom first played Victoria, her brother Nicholas was still played by a child actor. They eventually hired Joshua Morrow and the age difference was a couple years between them.

  5. That's not what I'm saying. Noah is Cassie's younger brother, as her entire story was based upon Grace and Tony locating her as a 6-year old when Noah was born. Abby is her adoptive younger aunt, who was born when Cassie was 9. Summer is her adoptive younger sister, who was born after Cassie died at 14.

    I'm saying it wouldn't look right because those actors playing younger characters are several years older than the actress who plays Cassie and look several years older, as well. And the actress playing Summer is only 2 years younger than the actress playing Cassie.

    And because she's only 23, she could still pass for a teen, like most actresses her age. Cassie was 14 when she died around summer 2005, so she would be 22 were she still alive. But Abby and Noah are older than 22. Last I heard, Abby was 24 and Noah was 23.

    I guess you could easily say Abby is older than Cassie, but you definitely can't say Noah is. He and Cassie have the same mother. Her existence is based on Sharon getting pregnant with her in high school several years before Noah was born.

    Sure, they could age Cassie so she'd be older than Noah, but how much older could she believably play? Like I said before, she's only 22, so she still looks very young. She could still play a teen. If Noah is 23, how old would they have to make Cassie in order to keep her storyline intact?