WATCH: Premiere of Kieran Turner's WALLFLOWERS

(L-R) Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Susan Louise O’Connor, Sarah Saltzberg,
Gibson Frazier, Angela Lin, Brooke Davis - Photo: Eight Track
Tape Productions
WALLFLOWERS, a narrative comedy web series by filmmaker Kieran Turner (director of acclaimed doc Jobriath A.D), premiered on April 3. Set in the cruelly comedic dating world of modern New York City, WALLFLOWERS details the "disastrous romantic exploits of a tight knit group of Gen-X stragglers coping with the ecstasy and the agony of single life - as members of a Manhattan support group for the hopelessly single."

WALLFLOWERS stars a talented cast of NYC-based theatre and film actors, including Chad Kimball (Tony nominated for best Performance in Broadway's "Memphis"), Sarah Saltzberg (creator/star of Broadway's hit musical "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee"), Gideon Glick (Broadway's "Spring Awakening" & "Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark"), Gibson Frazier ("Man of the Century"), and Marcia DeBonis (That's What She Said, The Truman Show, THEN WE GOT HELP!).

The series was created, written and directed by Turner, produced by Nicholas Brennan, and executive produced by Turner and Michael Canzoniero (Wedding Bros starring Tony winner Dan Fogler, Jon Polito and Brendan Sexton III, upcoming comedy Don Peyote starring Dan Fogler and Wallace Shawn.) The show was produced by LA-based Eight Track Tape Productions and NYC boutique company Studio 13.

"I was lucky to work with an extremely talented group of theater actors to tell this story of 30-somethings struggling romantically in NYC," Turner said in a statement. "This was the final generation of single men and women to come of age before the internet completely took over every single facet of life - when you actually had to put yourself out there, face-to-face, in order to make a personal, emotional, and romantic connection. I’m hoping our series seems true to life to viewers and gives us the chance to both laugh at ourselves, and hopefully feel better about that leaky vessel many of us are currently sailing into middle age."

Check out the premiere below:

Four additional episodes will run every Wednesday over the next four weeks. Five additional episodes to air later in 2013.

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