GH50 PALEY INTERVIEW: Teresa Castillo On Her GENERAL HOSPITAL Audition & Singing At The Nurses Ball

Teresa Castillo plays GENERAL HOSPITAL's "Nurse Sabrina Santiago," the ugly duckling that just turned into a beautiful swan for the Nurses Ball. I spoke with the actress on the red carpet of the "General Hospital: Celebrating 50 Years and Looking Forward" event at the Los Angeles Paley Center on April 12.

Welcome to GENERAL HOSPITAL. How was the audition process for you?
TERESA CASTILLO: Its funny. I had done guest star spots on different TV shows and I had done some theater, but from when I auditioned for this role until when I got it, it was about a six month process. I had actually been brought in a year before for a different role. It was between me and another girl, and she ended up getting it. But the casting director ended up remembering me and bringing me in for this role.

Do you have a musical background? You seemed to shine in the performances for the Nurses Ball especially with little Brooklyn Silzer ("Emma Scorpio Drake").
TERESA CASTILLO: Oh, that was my favorite performance working with her. I grew up singing. I was in the recording industry for awhile and did musical theater. Now I'm just pursuing acting 100%.

Taping the Nurses Ball must been a blast for you to bring both of your loves together.
TERESA CASTILLO: Yes, that was crazy. I never imagined that I would get to sing on the show. I was hoping, knowing that the Nurses Ball was coming and knowing what it was all about, and watching videos from the past. I was crossing my fingers that maybe I'd get to play a little.

You were lucky enough to be in three numbers.
TERESA CASTILLO: I know I really lucked out. I'm so thankful. I can't believe that I'm so lucky to be here.

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