Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Walker's Storyline 411: Monday, April 22 - Steffy/Liam Get Married; Nicole/Vargas Save DAYS; Brenda's Non-Shocker; Chelsea's Baby Lie

Hey guys, Walker here with my first edition of Storyline 411! where I recap our daily soap operas. Sit back and enjoy the READ...

So first up on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL we have a pregnant Steffy ride up to her wedding ceremony on a motorcycle... Hmmm, okay. Cut to Hope having a breakdown about crashing Liam & Steffy's wedding, while Rick and Brooke attempt to talk her out of it, "If you go to that wedding the pain that your going to feel, I don't want that for you. Liam is going to marry Steffy and she is pregnant with his baby, so please don't, DON'T do this to yourself." Awwwww Mama Bear Brooke with the pep talk! Meanwhile back at the wedding (Side Note: Dear Bradley P. Bell, please have Adam Gregory aka Thomas shave that beard off ASAP), Thomas sums up the Liam/Hope/Steffy triangle beautiful during his speech... "On again, off again, on again, off again, on again." With that being said, I don't think anyone does outdoor scenes naturally as B&B. The rest of the episode goes like this: Brooke and Hope, cut to the wedding with Dollar Bill, Taylor sharing love for the couple, back to Brooke and Hope STILL talking about the wedding. Then back again to the wedding with Liam professing his love for his bride. And yes you guessed it, back to Forrester Creations with Brooke still comforting Hope. Cut back to the wedding for the last time, Liam and Steffy exchange rings and are pronounced husband and wife without any interruptions!

On DAYS OF OUR LIVES, we get a flashback of sexy Cameron dancing in his club, which is a GREAT way to start off the episode. Maggie is talking to Brady about some jersey John kept that he supposedly gave to Kristen. I wished DAYS had brought Sarah Brown on as Maggie's daughter Sarah, because Maggie needs more to do than talk to Brady about John and Kristen. Cut to John walking in the park and having the actual flashback of playing softball and giving Kristen her very own jersey. Thank you DAYS for giving us context since there's nothing worse than characters talking about an event that happened in the past that may or may not have actually happened. Three minutes into the episode and we have our third flashback of the day, this time with Kristen remembering paying off the guy who beat up Brady. I don't think Eileen Davidson has ever looked so beautiful. Little Ciara somehow got her hands of the photos of Kristen paying off the thug, and hides them from Mama Hope. As for the rest of the episode we get Abe talking to Cameron about his medical school loans, and not sure how I am suppose to believe Celeste couldn't afford to put her son through college. Kristen digs through the trash for the picture at the cafe and runs into busy body Maggie. Abby and Chad scheme how to help Cameron. Nicole and Vargas melt my TV just by having lunch together. John and Brady argue about Kristen yet again in the park. Nicole and Vargas, who saved this episode for me, start playing with whip cream and end up on Father Eric's desk!!

With GENERAL HOSPITAL, I have to say I love how the show uses the first five minutes of an episode to give fans an idea of which storylines are being featured for the day. We have Ellie, Spinelli and the adorable baby Danny. Then Maxie showing up to meet Connie at Crimson. There is Olivia and Sonny waiting at the airport for Dante, Lulu, Luke and Laura to arrive home. Carly and AJ talking about Michael and Brenda and, yes, you smart soap fans, Michael and Brenda talking in Kelly's. Okay that's the episode! See you tomorrow! No seriously that was the episode but let's take a closer look. Connie apologizes to Maxie for being a terror to her as Connie and Kate, and as an olive branch she wants Maxie to come back to Crimson. I think it's a smart to give Maxie something else to do rather than obsess about the baby, because apparently that's Ellie's new job. She will help Spinelli babysit the adorable baby Danny only if he helps her find out what Maxie is hiding about Dante and Lulu's baby. Luke, Laura, Lulu and Dante are flying back from Greece and poor Dante is trying to get through to amnesiac Lulu who really isn't having it. "I'm sorry I'm really tired, David." "It's Dante." "Right." HA! Mopey Sonny talks to Olivia about being rejected by Connie, and confesses that Michael and Brenda had "sex." Meanwhile, at the hospital elevator, Carly and AJ have a loud full on discussion about Michael and Brenda. The quote of the day had to be when AJ asked Carly, "What's in your bag, the medication for your latest STD?" I was almost on the floor. I love that AJ is being written as a match to Carly. The biggest non-shocker of the day occurred at Kelly's where Brenda confesses to Michael that they did NOT have sex. Who didn't see that coming? BUT with the use of the flashbacks we get to see how far Brenda went to set up the scene for Carly to "catch them" which was pure genius! The episode ends with the Spencers taking Lulu to the hospital, leaving poor Dante alone. Still at the airport, Sonny answers a phone call, then turns around and comes face to face with Brenda!!

So much happened in Monday's hour of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS that I'm forced to do a quick hit play by play. Jealous Victoria shows up at Newman ready to work and impress Daddy Newman. Adam shows up at Crimson Lights and is mad as hell and wants some answers! Is Chelsea pregnant and is Dylan the father? Kevin and Chloe argue about their snoozefest, I mean marriage. Candyman is in the hospital after his heart attack, and Leslie, Neil and Tyler are all there. When Y&R first teased this secret about Leslie and Tyler, I thought they were going to be sexy cons coming to town to score big. This storyline went from having so much mystery and potential to falling flat pretty fast. Backed into a corner, Chelsea confesses the baby is Dylan's. Adam is upset and half crying. Poor Jason Morgan, I mean Dylan, is walking around in circles confused. Chloe and Kevin continue to argue about their marriage. Victoria is still trying to prove to Victor that she can get pregnant and still work at Newman. Adam shows up and is still upset, and Victor wants to have a one on one chat to find out what's the matter with his son. Adam confesses all, while Chelsea is telling Chloe about what just happened. Dylan shows up at Sharon's needing a shoulder to cry on since he was trying to leave town, not stay. Chelsea is having second thoughts while Chloe tells her it's going to get better. Needy Sharon shows up at Adam's and gets pulled into a passionate kiss.

That's all folks! Thanks for reading, and please bare with me while I get the hang of this. Until next time...

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  1. I have loved Emme Rylan since GL and think she'll ultimately be great as Lulu on GH but I'm tired of the amnesia story and it's only been a few episodes. I hope it ends quickly because, while I get Lulu is upset, she's just kind of mean and unappealing like this. I'm not sure why Ellie is SO obsessed with Maxie's secret.

    Something about the Tyler/Leslie story is missing, can't put my finger on it. On a side note, Radaric is smoking hot and Y&R could take better advantage of that. I wish HE was the one having an affair with Lauren.

    Speaking of hotness, I think DAYS' Cameron should forget the medical profession and strip full-time. LOL

    I know a lot of fans think the B&B story is boring and repetitive but I think B&B has done a great job of play (maybe overplaying) every single beat. It's classic daytime soap.

  2. ITA on Thomas' beard.

  3. I agree that B&B is doing a good job playing (overplaying) each beat in this sordid tale of love triangles. And yes, it is classic soap.

  4. I disagree with the line that "Nicole and Vargas saves DAYS. This is not true. The Will and Sonny storyline/love story and the upcoming baby drama is the best thing about DOOL. Granted, all of the actors/actresses are doing a wonderful job in their respective storylines, but I feel that Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith are truly doing an amazing job along with Blake Berris and Camila Banus. They are the ONLY reason I started watching DOOL.

  5. I think one of the problems with the Tyler/Leslie story is that, once again, the story that involves The Winters has now become something of an insular, island story. At least when Wheeler was around, this had something to do with Jack, Victor, Adam, Avery, etc. But with Leslie involved with Neil, and Tyler confiding in Lily, the story looks to be settling into "Winters Wednesday" territory. - jmho

  6. Steffy and Liam belong together on B&B. If the writers ruin this again, I am quitting b&b.