Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SOAPnet To Air "Real Mothers of Beverly Hills 90210 Mother's Day Marathon" On May 12

SOAPnet celebrates Mother's Day with the "Real Mothers of Beverly Hills 90210 Mother's Day Marathon" on Sunday, May 12, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. The four-hour marathon features mother-themed episodes of BEVERLY HILLS, 90210.
BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 followed the lives of two transplanted Minnesota twins, Brandon and Brenda, as they Made their way through Los Angeles amongst the privileged rich kids. Even though the show was known for its fabulous cars and clothes, the series covered many important issues, such as teen pregnancy, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, rape, integrated families and domestic violence.


10 a.m. - Episode #1991-006 - "Perfect Mom" - As the Mother/Daughter fashion show at school nears, Brenda is jealous of Kelly's glamorous mother until she sees another side of her and learns to appreciate her own mother more. Meanwhile, after Jackie humiliates herself at the show, Kelly angrily confronts her and the two reach a new understanding.

11 a.m. - Episode #1992-038 - "Chuckie's Back" - Steve is angry when his old nemesis, Chuckie, who played his mother's son on a TV show, starts making his life miserable at school. When Chuckie reveals he's known for years that Steve is adopted, the tension between Steve and his mother escalates as well.

12 p.m. - Episode #1992-047 - "Things to Do on a Rainy Day" - Donna is upset after accidentally catching her mother having an affair. However, both her mother and Cindy assure Donna that it could never change how much her mother loves her.

1 p.m. - Episode #1993-067 - "Midlife...Now What?" - Brenda and Kelly head to a spa with their mothers for a Mother/Daughter weekend and bring Donna and Andrea along. While there, Kelly discovers that her stepfather is cheating on her mother and has to tell her the painful truth.

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