Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Robert Kelker-Kelly
Robert Kelker-Kelly played Stavros Cassadine on ABC soap opera GENERAL HOSPITAL in 2001, with returns in 2002 and 2003. Stavros has now returned again as Kelker-Kelly appeared at the end of Wednesday's episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL. Stavros was holding Luke and Laura hostage following their showdown with Helena, and it looks like he was behind Lulu's disappearance as well.

Executive producer Frank Valentini promised a big surprise on Wednesday's episode and Stavros was it (along with Carly finding Brenda in bed with Michael). Head writer Ron Carlivati reveals Kelker-Kelly will appear in "a bunch of episodes spread out over a period of time."

"It really felt like Stavros was someone Luke would really like to have it out with — once and for all," Carlivati told TV Guide Magazine.

"We really wanted to revive the Spencer-Cassadine feud in a big, surprising way for the 50th anniversary," said Carlivati. "It's been Luke versus Helena for so long that we needed an additional twist, and since Stavros was never found in that bottomless pit, we don't know what really happened."

Kelker-Kelly previously played roles in DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Bo) and ANOTHER WORLD (Sam, Bobby/Shane). He's married to his former DAYS co-star Miriam Parrish.

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  1. Makes sense with the LnL story.

  2. He still looks good.

  3. I was hoping for Victor, Stavros comes in a close second.

    Maybe they can Unfreeze Tony and Alex?

    Now bring back Alan and Rick too!

  4. Why was this posted before the West Coast airing the the actual spoiler as the title? I hate hate hate finding out what happens before it happens. Shame on you, WLS!

  5. MK, I want Rick and Alan back too.

  6. We want Jimmy Lee Holt. That is all.

  7. Now that his big brother is back, we NEED Stefan to help keep Stavros in check