Tuesday, April 9, 2013

CLASSIC CLIP: Nate (Rob Gorrie) Is A Victim Of the Oakdale Slasher

ONE LIFE TO LIVE fans are looking forward to the show's return on April 29. Rob Gorrie stars as the new Matthew Buchanan. Back in the summer of 2006, he appeared in AS THE WORLD TURNS as Nate, a friend of Maddie's (Alexandra Chando) who was the second victim of the Oakdale Slasher.

"I feel hard for Maddie but she was into Casey," Gorrie explained to We Love Soaps. "I got killed off on the Slasher storyline. It was Alex Chando and Zach Roerig. He's doing his thing [on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES] and Chando is killing it too."

Check out Rob Gorrie below in a classic clip of Nate's demise on ATWT. And check back on Wednesday for our brand new interview with Rob where we talk about his new gig at ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Here's a slightly longer version of Nate's murder:

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