REVENGE Showrunner Mike Kelley Departs Series

Following an uneven second season of ABC's REVENGE, showrunner Mike Kelley has stepped down.

The executive producer of the network's primetime soap had been with the series since it debuted to strong reviews and solid ratings in the fall of 2011. Its sophomore run has not been as successful even after a move to Sunday nights. Current executive producer Sunil Nayar is expected to take over during the show's third season, if the likely renewal happens.

“Mike Kelley created a distinctive series for our studio and network with tremendous passion and dedication," said ABC Studios Executive VP of Creative and Production Barry Jossen. "We wish him all the best as he moves on to his next television achievement.”

Added Kelley: “In a difficult mutual decision between myself and ABC studios, the end of my current contract will mark my final season as showrunner for REVENGE. Helming this series has been the ride of a lifetime, and my producing partner, Melissa Loy, and I will look back on our REVENGE time with deep gratitude and respect for Emily [VanCamp] and Madeleine [Stowe] and the rest of the incredible cast, our heroic crew, the dedicated and imaginative producing and writing team, and the tireless post production department. I would also like to thank Paul Lee, his marketing team, and the creative executives at ABC and ABC studios for their profound support throughout this journey. I’m excited about finishing post production on the season two finale, which I hope will stand among the best episodes of the series thus far. Continued success to all.”


  1. After a fantastic debut season, Revenge made a sharp left turn this season that made it unrecognizable. And uninteresting. Back from the dead psycho mothers, mysterious cartels, Chinese masters, the unstoppable Victoria cowering away in a cabin scared.

    I stopped watching in January. Haven't missed it in the least. And a year ago this time, I was riveted to the series.

    So, yes, it was time to change captains. Hopefully, they get back on track. We'll see if they can get me back on board.

  2. Thanks to Mike Kelley for his stellar work in Season 1. As for this year, the better show about revenge was the recently concluded season 2 of "Dallas." One of the reasons it worked so well was that there was an overall revenge theme (JR and the Ewings striking back at Cliff Barnes and cronies) with many tentacles involving all the characters. Even better, "Dallas" did not experience a protracted delay between blocks of episodes. I am starting to forget the current plot points on "Revenge" other than Amanda's death. I think we left off with the possibility of yet another offspring of Victoria.

    Here's hoping "Revenge" can get back on track for a third season