Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Univision's Upcoming Novela QUÉ BONITO AMOR Blends Music & Romance, Premieres April 15

Two of Mexico’s most widely popular traditions--novelas and Mariachi music--intertwine seamlessly in QUÉ BONITO AMOR (What a Beautiful Love), a deeply romantic story that uses the familiar melodies and poetic lyrics of traditional Mariachi songs to express the beautiful love that develops between the leading couple.

Featuring a stellar cast led by Jorge Salinas (FUEGO EN LA SANGRE, LA QUE NO PODIA AMAR), Danna García (PASION DE GAVILANES, UN GANCHO AL CORAZON), Pablo Montero (FUEGO EN LA SANGRE, TRIUNFO DEL AMORE), and the renowned veteran actress known as “Mexico’s sweetheart,” Angélica María, this new Televisa production revolves around a Mariachi music nightclub in Mexico City and the characters who work and perform there.

Traditional Mariachi “rancheras” play a starring role in QUÉ BONITO AMOR, helping to tell the story of Maria and Santos, two very different people brought together by fate to share their love of music…and more. Santos (Salinas) is a rich businessman from Los Angeles whose life takes a totally unexpected turn when he is framed for fraud by his business partner and is forced to flee to Mexico City, where he assumes a false identity and ends up working as a “ranchera” singer in a nightclub. There he meets Maria (García), a beautiful working-class young woman who supports her family by singing at the club. The profound love that blossoms between them will bring them great joy, but their love song hits a bad note when Maria discovers that Santos is not who he pretends to be. Throughout their conflicted romance, viewers will experience Santos and Maria’s emotions not only through the action played out on the screen, but also through the lyrics of the many songs carefully chosen to reflect each poignant development.

From Televisa’s celebrated producer Salvador Mejía, QUÉ BONITO AMOR is a traditional romantic novela that celebrates Mexican values and culture through the music that best represents Mexico around the world. Its masterful use of well-known and loved Mariachi songs as a key dramatic element within the plot adds an extra layer of emotion and entertainment that is sure to touch viewers’ hearts and keep them singing to the protagonists’ “beautiful love”—a love strong enough to overcome any obstacle.

In addition to Danna García, Jorge Salinas, Pablo Montero, and Angélica María, the novela also features renowned Mexican actors Arturo Peniche, Juan Ferrara, Salvador Pineda, Lina Santos, Mónica Sánchez Navarro, and Marcelo Buquet, among others.

A 20 minute sneak peek of the first episode will be available for viewers on UVIDEOS online and mobile starting April 2 until the premiere of the novela on April 15. Click here to view. Fans can download and sync up the UVIDEOS app to the show while watching the novela and get an exclusive second screen experience with exclusive content right on their mobile device. Throughout the novela run, will keep fans engaged with recaps, character profiles and interviews, exclusive content, photos, polls and more. Full episodes of QUÉ BONITO AMOR will also be available across online and mobile for AT&T U-verse, Dish and Optimum subscribers.

QUÉ BONITO AMOR premieres on Monday, April 15, 2013 at 10 p.m. ET/PT (9 p.m. Central) on Univision. It will air Monday through Friday at the same time.

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  1. ending of novella should of been more of Maria and Jose Alfredo. with there love
    all the bad ones should of ended the day before.