Monday, April 8, 2013

Nurses Ball 2013: Rick Springfield Sings "Jessie's Girl" (Video)

Noah Drake (Rick Springfield) arranged for Rick Springfield to sing his 1981 smash hit "Jessie's Girl" at the Nurses Ball on Monday's episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL. Noah later scoffed when Bobbie suggested he looked like Rick. Watch "Jessie's Girl" below:

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  1. It would been great to see Noah in the audience, to contrast the 2 characters. Also it would have been great to see more of Bobbie in the audience. The song was so popular in 1981, People thought he was singing about Bobbie being one of Jessie's (Brewer) Girl(s), even though it was not what the song was about.

  2. A near perfect episode-- humor, romance, intrigue and one of the best pop songs of the 80s. This episode will be referenced in years to come.