Kassie DePaiva: 'Everything Works Out The Way That It Is Supposed To'

Kassie DePaiva tweeted a photo of herself with ONE
LIFE TO LIVE co-star Roger Howarth on Wednesday.
In a new interview with ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Kassie DePaiva says it is "it’s just short of a miracle" that the beloved soap is returning on The OnLine Network on April 29 via Hulu, HuluPlus and iTunes. She also reveals that Blair's nightclub, Shelter, will feature a performance by Blair herself:
Access: And you’re going to be singing on ‘OLTL’?
Kassie: I performed [the other] week a song on my second CD, the title cut, called ‘No Regrets’ and it was a complete and utter surprise when I was told I was singing. I was like, ‘Huh?’ (laughs).

Access: Why was that a surprise? You sang – it felt like, once every couple of months on ‘One Life To Live.’
Kassie: I don’t know. I think because the club that Blair runs is more of a hip, younger crowd and we also have a wonderful artist named Jessie [Malakouti] that’s gonna be performing, whose an upcoming new hip star and [Blair will] have various people performing and DJs. They’re trying to really bring in a younger audience, so when they asked me to perform, I mean, I’m so grateful, but.. I’m from a totally different demographic if you know what I’m talking about.

Access: How much of what your character did on ‘General Hospital’ is going to factor into ‘One Life To Live’ when we pick up on April 29?
Kassie: Blair has had a life over in Llanview, off camera. We pick up with Blair… moving on with her life and trying to pick up the pieces that Todd left behind. At the end of ‘One Life To Live,’ John [McBain] breaks through the door and says, ‘You killed Victor!’ It’s like, ‘What!’ And then of course we had rumblings of Tomas [Delgado]. Tomas is not going to be an issue this time around so far.
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