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Corbin Bernsen Asks For Prayers For His Mother (Updated: Jeanne Cooper Is Out Of The Hospital!)

Actor Corbin Bernsen asked fans to pray for his hospitalized mother, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS legend Jeanne Cooper, Friday night in a Facebook posting.

"Need some prayers for my mom tonight," Bernsen wrote. "Pretty rough. "Won't elaborate now, but I believe there's still more purpose for her on this journey, but that's not my call. I love her so much. I want peace for her. I hope this is okay to share with all of you who know and love her, you are my friends and in a sense part of my family and community. We talk openly and honestly about a great many things and you have no idea how much comfort it gives me. Know that she's resting peacefully and this is not a message meant to announce finality, not at all, but instead, ask you to have her in you thoughts through the night."

Four hours later he tweeted in response to the outpouring of love and support via social media.

"Kindness from all is overwhelming me. The power of your prayers is working in many ways and for now, this nite, I think all is stable."

Ms. Cooper, who turned 84 in October, has played Katherine Chancellor on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS for over 39 years. Bernsen is best known for his work as Arnie Becker in L.A. LAW but occasionally pops up on Y&R playing Paul's brother, Todd Williams.

In 2010 Cooper was voted #7 by a We Love Soaps panel of industry experts in the 50 Greatest Soap Opera Actresses list. In 2012 Katherine's longtime rival with Jill on Y&R earned the pair the #1 spot on the We Love Soaps 30 Dynamic Duos of Daytime list.

Three weeks ago, TV Guide Magazine reported that the Emmy-winning actress was absent from Y&R for several weeks due to a bad bout of the flu.

Get well soon, Ms. Cooper!

Corbin Bernsen posted a Facebook update on Saturday morning:

"All continues to be stable this morning. Still, hurdles in upcoming hours, but this woman I have been so incredibly fortunate to call my mother, my mentor and honestly my inspiration.... suffice to say the greatest boxers of all time aren't half the fighter she is. I'm just wowed by her tenacity and her sheer will. So many of you have noted that. It's truly awesome. I don't know how the day and the days ahead will play out, but I have faith, and between her fight and your - I'm at a loss for the right word here - miraculous, magnificent? - support, I'm once again overwhelmed by our potential and humanity. I had an extraordinary sound sleep... odd in the middle of this, but your words and prayers and kindness danced in my head and so moved me as I lay down to sleep last night. This is all just so extraordinary. I'll keep you posted throughout the day. But PLEASE keep her in your thoughts... and make sure today to tell the ones you love, that you DO love them. Hold close to you those you love. And perhaps even take a day to forgive and heal friendships and cross divides. You have no idea how powerful your good thoughts are and what can come of using them for goodness and Grace. I'm going to whisper into my mom's ear today and let her know of your support. Asleep or awake, I know that she'll smile, that wicked little smile that is only hers!
Thanks so much."

Bernsen: "Had a dream last night, inspired by your outpouring of love that my mom returns from this, stronger than ever, defying all possible reason."

Y&R co-star Daniel Goddard (Cane), who has been at the hospital: "#JeanneCooper is still in ICU and is stable yet sedated."

Bernsen: "Just home from hospital, pretty exhausting day, emotional roller coaster of moments of progress, moments backwards, but all in all MUCH better than 24 hours ago. Still so much to accomplish and a great task for someone of advanced age, but she's doing it - a remarkable fighter. Of course this made me drift to thoughts about life, our greater purpose and the strange harmony of the polar components of our very existence; the pain - the pleasure, the joy - the sorrow, the strength - frailty. One can't exist without the other. I have so much faith that my mom will get beyond this, honestly, and perhaps be even stronger than she's been in recent years... I mean, they are sourcing EVERYTHING that is not right with her and strengthening that. But for now she's resting comfortably, and we too are taking time to rest and reflect and prepare for tomorrow's piece of the journey. Please keep up the prayers, they are doing WONDERS and I know she'd want you to tell those you love, how much you love them."

UPDATE #4 (Sunday morning, April 14):
Bernsen: "Up early and ready to tackle the new day on my mom's journey. New days always bring hope and promise if we place goodness, Grace, and light ahead of us to illuminate the way. Today I feel as though we are being pulled toward it, past the hurdles, the adversaries and the forces that would hold us back. Today I have great hope, not just for what I'm going through, my family is going through but for all who have been so open here with there thoughts and prayers who also have hurdles to endure. Once my mom is up and going, and I still have GREAT FAITH she will be, I want to harness this magnificent power all of you have created for her and continue it for other purposes, hearings and darkness in our world that needs illumination and the goodness in each of our hearts. As you pray for my mom today know that I take those prayers, along with my own and reflect them back to each of you for you and your loved ones."

UPDATE #5 (Sunday night):
Bernsen: "Somewhat of an exhausting day with not much change for my mom. Healing is happening but outward signs are small and only visible in numbers I still don't fully understand. I prayed today with her, alone, vocally and assured her it was about recovery and not finality - so important. It seemed to genuinely lift her spirits or something energetic from a quiet place in her soul. Even got something of a smile when I asked for one but her brows suggested more of a 'are you out of your ******* mind!' Had a laugh and cry over that. With so many ups and downs I also did some serious questioning about the bigger issues of God and faith, and why a younger fellow next door didn't make it with so many grieving family and friends waiting nearby. Just so odd, so much life actually in full display. I left the place drained, yet assured we are headed in the proper direction. This is truly a time I'll have to learn that we are indeed moving in a direction and there really is no map to guide, and I must put faith and trust in the journey that is an open road with bumps, curves, downhills, uphills and glorious views along the way. Left the hospital somewhat numb by the sheer volume of emotion experienced. For those who need a Cliff Note version of the above.. mom is steady, bumps in the road but heading in the right direction though still without guarantees and the absolutes I long for. Such is life, literally! God Bless all of you for your continued thoughts and prayers. They are the fuel right now and we're tapping into every ounce of it."

UPDATE #6 (Monday morning, April 15):
Bernsen: "A bit anxious today, I want so much for there to be solid results that are more than numbers. I know this is happening in small steps, but would be so awesome to see it in plain sight. Please don't mistake that, she's mending, but I'm ready for her to stand up, take over the room, and start telling everybody what to do (or what she thinks of them.) I suppose I want to feel her unique love that only so many in her circle know when she's within striking distance. I also would love to have a moment where she wraps her arms around me and says 'it's all going to be fine.' In short, I need my mom today. I have to head to Florida tomorrow to finish work on The Glades and the thought of a hotel room without knowing exacts will make an enemy of those four walls that may or may not feel the brunt of my anger and agony of solitary confinement. But my mom is the first one to tell you "Work is good. The love of those around you and doing what you love to do is incomparable.' Clearly you must hear the want and need in my voice to see progression today with mom. I believe it will happen. I have faith it will happen. And with your continued prayers, thoughts and enormous outpouring of love I know it will happen! Head bowed in humility, deep breath, and here I go... into the day and the promise of our gift... this incredible and wondrous life..."

Bernsen: "I am with my mother right now, typing this from her hospital room and honestly, so lifted by her awareness today and general better appearance. But please, things change rapidly so refraining from jumping to any conclusions. I'm certainly not. But for the moment, wow... Then at the same time my heart is saddened and goes out to those in Boston and the events there, and people suffering so much more than we are at this moment. So confusing. Please keep up your prayers for my mom but also send your love and thoughts to those suffering there. Your power has had a miraculous effect here, now let's continue to harness it for good everywhere. I think that may be the cumulative affect from all of this for me, the power of community as I've been saying for some time now. Only now witnessing first hand, out of the lab and theory and into the real world."

UPDATE #8 (Monday evening):
Bernsen: "Sitting bedside with mom, she seems comfortable but tired from the fight. Expected. Would put a lesser man (woman) down for good. Having to say words to her in private that will last a few days as I have to travel tomorrow but I feel comfortable and know she's in good hands and floating on soft blankets of your warmth, love and prayers. I believe more than ever she'll beat this and come back even stronger. Very hard to leave her today and not be here for tomorrow. Actually thought I might say "good bye's" just in case but do not feel compelled to do so, not at all, so I won't. She knows I love her, she knows the purpose of our lives together and this journey we have shared to date, so nothing more to really say other than "see you in a few..." I want to take a moment to thank all of you. I question daily whether this is appropriate and a proper use of social media and our community but I have to say, without you, being able to reach out to you and share and then hear your voices coming back and your love and support, not sure I could have kept the positive attitude I have. You have a collective power and when all is said and done, can take credit along with the incredible people here for keeping mom up and on this part of the journey. Will still keep you posted with both updates and thoughts on all of this. I love you."

UPDATE #7 (Wednesday afternoon, April 17):
Bernsen: "Just saw a photo of my mom half smiling and wearing her big sunglasses. I've also heard she's been saying something to the effect of 'get me the hell outta here!' Suffice to say, I haven't stopped crying since. A huge release. I know we aren't out of the woods, I've been told that over and over and yes, I know at any single instant, life can change - we all witnessed that in Boston in the most horrific way, lives changed and lost in an instant - but for this instant, today, I'm going to do something she taught me way back and continues to teach me and those around her still today - "celebrate the moment... celebrate the gift... celebrate life!" I do so with the full knowledge that the end will come one day for us all, the earth will be swallowed by the sun and the sun by the infinite... but today, this moment, the light fills me through the Grace of God, our basic, undeniable humanity, and scores of Heroes in Boston... those things are my torch and illuminating the goodness, and our collective, abundant and innate will to deliver us from evil and darkness. Prayers continued, but the picture of mom now in my head is 1000% better than the one I left LA with!"

UPDATE #8 (late Wednesday):
From the family of Jeanne Cooper: "Today was another very positive day with much improvement. Jeanne is resting and recovering. The kindness, support, and love of all of you out there has provided much solace to all of us during the most difficult days and we are so very grateful. We look forward to more good news as her recovery process continues. Thank you again for all of your messages of love, prayers, and support."

UPDATE #9 (Thursday night, April 18):
Bernsen: "Good news continues for my mom as I believe she is being moved out of ICU to a more 'comfortable' room. I was able to Face Time with her today and I can't tell you how amazing it was to speak to her and hear her voice! Her sense of humor was in tact, the greatest sign of all. I want to take a moment here to express something that - as usual - I'm at a bit of a loss for words for. So much of my reporting to you in the last week has been a sincere effort to convey her status and progress. And with your magnificent, steady prayers she has, day by day, improved. Yet still I feel a bit 'guilty,' weird. I mean, with all the other suffering going on, it's hard to celebrate this miraculous recovery. Also, about that, her extraordinary recovery... I've looked back over the posts because I wanted to make sure that I have been truthful and accurate. I know for a fact she was in extreme, life threatening danger that was even made more clear to me than perhaps I let on. But then, she did improve, steadily and somewhat defied the extent of the terrible news I was delivering. I want to make sure no one misinterprets this as my 'making more of it than it actually was.' I can guarantee you that wasn't the case. Her recovery has been nothing short of 'miraculous' and very quick considering everything. That will be, if all continues in this fantastic way, the legacy of this... the effect of prayer and the ability for miracles. As always I want to close with making sure I'm accurate once again and letting you know that which I've been told... remain cautiously optimistic. That will most likely last for some time now but in the upcoming days I'll most likely drop it from these posts. I will keep the connection with you both regarding her recovery as well as "what all of this ultimately means" in the bigger picture. I also want to take a moment to once again thank the INCREDIBLE STAFF at Cedars Sinai hospital who have helped in this miraculous recovery (that involved a lot of non miracle, expertise and kindness.) Also, I haven't mentioned my brother Collin by name, or my sister Caren who have stood by my side, holding me up and shared in your kindness. I love them both and feel closer to them than ever."

UPDATE #10 (Friday, April 19):
Bernsen: "Mom is doing remarkably well. In her own room now and I just spoke to her, with clear "I love you's" going back and forth. I know she's not thrilled about any of this... if you know her, followed her over the years, or have read her book, you know she's ready to get back into the world and kick some ass. I'm headed to LA this weekend to be with her. Very excited to see the progress."

UPDATE #11 (Sunday, April 21):
Bernsen: "Sorry for no update yesterday, flying to LA and then spending quality time with mom, and exhausted once I got home. But great news... her incredible progress continues and she has... drumroll... graciously allowed a photo attached here. I asked, "would you like to give a thumbs up" and she nodded yes... THEN she, without hesitation, proceeded to flip me "the bird" for the first shot. I'm not showing you that one, not right now, so as there's no confusion that she's genuinely overwhelmed by your abundance of thoughts and prayers for her - which I finally had a chance to fully convey to her yesterday. But the 'bird,' was yet another great sign that "Coop" is on the mend! Today she asked for her cell phone, another great sign, but also a worry... who knows what she'll get up to or who she'll start bossing around directly. A cell phone in her hands can be a dangerous thing! All kidding aside, great signs. But again, I MUST say this... we remain cautious in our optimism, she still has very real hurdles for long range recovery and returning to a life she knew. That said, she was ABUNDANTLY, ABSOLUTELY, ADAMANTLY CLEAR... she wants to go back to work and 'it ain't over until Katherine Chancellor sings!' Enjoy the photo and her stuffed dog she calls Cracker Jack after her real dog waiting patiently at home for her. Have a magnificent day... as that's what the day wants for you."

UPDATE #12 (Monday night, April 22):
Bernsen: "As promised, new photo of me and mom just taken tonight! Hopefully FB will allow me to post a photo of my mother and I celebrating her incredible journey and miraculous recovery. This time I gave the thumbs up for good luck. If you're wondering about her glasses, well, they're somewhat of a trademark of hers... let's just say she owns the female rights and equivalent of what Jack Nicholson holds for men. Her spirits are high and we all (brother, sister, and full family) "charged her room" after a birthday celebration for my niece Grace. It was the "icing on the cake" to an incredible evening and couple of weeks. Enjoy, and hopefully FB will respect my and her wishes here to share this with you. Once again, she wants me to tell you how much she loves you all and is so thankful for your continued thoughts and prayers. As am I. Sleep well and rejoice in the potential of a new tomorrow!"

UPDATE #13 (Wednesday morning, April 24):
Bernsen: "Good morning. Exquisite day here in Florida but dampened a bit by wanting to get back to LA to be with mom as she continues her recovery. Regarding that, as I've said all along we've been told there will be setbacks and we have a small one this morning, nothing terrible, but different from what I posted yesterday. The good doctors want to keep her in the hospital a few more days for physical therapy - I mean the old broad's been flat out in a bed for almost two weeks with more tubes going in and out of her - delivering drugs, pain meds, etc than - okay - pick any celeb who's had recurring rehab stints and insert here____________! Your joke, not mine. That said, while she won't be going home today, this is a great thing! She does need to be strong at home for a successful continued recovery. She's not thrilled with this, believe me, as I know she wants out more than - okay - pick any criminal in jail currently who's been locked up for years and insert here___________! Again, your joke. (Can't wait to see the responses!) She'll now be heading home more like Friday or Saturday which is also good as that's when I'll be done with The Glades and back there for her along with my brother and sister when she arrives home. (We're doing a quick makeover of her bedroom that would kill on HGTV! - want to see her face!) So in the meantime, I'll give you one more photo from the other night in a series sure to become known as the 'Sunglass Photos.' This one is of mom, my son Finley and niece Grace. Enjoy and please keep up the prayers and thoughts as I've become acutely aware now that this journey still has many, very real, hurdles to leap - like just getting up and walking - that will have to be accomplished. Your prayers and words help power her will to do all this. Have a magnificent day!"

UPDATE #14 (Saturday, April 27):
From the family of Jeanne Cooper: We are overjoyed to announce that Jeanne is to be released from the hospital today. She will still need some time to regain her strength entirely, but now she will be able to do so in the comfort of her home and she's rearing to go! Your love, support, kindness, and prayers have carried us all through the troublesome times and now we can find solace in the love we all share for one another and find our footing and strength together! What a wonderful say to start a weekend! Love to all!!!

Bernsen: "She's HOME! And as promised, here is a photo of her leaving the hospital... Not the best picture - she was actually a little freaked leaving the safety of the hospital, understandable but as you see in photos to come, that fog lifted the moment she rolled into her house, surrounded by her dogs. So here's the one I promised, leaving the hospital this morning with Collin, Caren and I by her side. I have plenty more when she arrived home and a special note she wrote to all of us - her first words once home, written, not spoken. So stay tuned, lots of photos to come, but let's have some fun, share in her joy and journey. I am in your debt forever. I know your prayers have helped my mom, but your kind words and the sheer number of you have held me up through all of this and given me a place to share my concerns, joys and tremendous love and blessings. You are astounding!"

UPDATE #15 (Wednesday, May 1):
Jeanne Cooper is back in the hospital.

Sadly, Jeanne Cooper has passed away.

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