Ashley Jones Returning To THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL

Ashley Jones at Sunday's ACM Awards
Ashley Jones is returning to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL this week to begin taping a few episodes as Bridget Forrester.

"I'm only going in for three or four episodes as of right now," she tells Zap2it, "but there's some fun stuff with Bridget's mom (Brooke, played by Katherine Kelly Lang). I specifically didn't want to go back for a wedding or a funeral. I feel like this is too cool a character to come back and just sit in the background. That's not that fun."

Jones says she's willing to listen if B&B wants her to stay longer.

"I feel like so many things have changed in my journey and career," the actress reveals. "I know a lot of people have a plan for what's going to happen, and the reality is that things change every year. And the business has completely changed since I started. Someone can do three episodes of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, then turn around and book a primetime show. That's happening all the time. I did tons of other stuff while I was on [the soap], so I'm so grateful to the show, and they've been so good to me. This is a fun character the audience really responds to, so I'm open to whatever they might have in mind for her."

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  1. Thank you writers. Please bring back all of Rick's siblings for more than a few episodes.