Friday, April 12, 2013

NEWS: Patrika Darbo To Guest On DEVIOUS MAIDS, DALLAS Season Finale, Jesse Metcalfe Talks Victoria Principal, GLEE's Gun Control

DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Patrika Darbo will guest in DEVIOUS MAIDS
Darbo, who just wrapped a stint as DAYS's Nancy, will appear on the new Marc Cherry prime-time sudser DEVIOUS MAIDS. Darbo worked with the creator twice before on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. “I did an episode in season five playing a seamstress,” Darbo recently told Soap Opera Digest. “They needed a seamstress again and they asked me back to play the same character. It was great to be invited back.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: Read our recent interview with Patrika Darbo here.

The Age of Bite-Size Entertainment
When soap operas ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE come back to life online later this month, episodes will run for 30 minutes, about half as long as the hourlong blocks that ran on broadcast television for most of the shows' 40-year run. Why? Because they're likely to be watched on the go.

;Everyone is talking about the binge-viewing craze, but as people increasingly consume TV, movies, books and music on mobile devices, briefer is better. Shorter formats "are in-betweeners, the cream in the middle of the Oreo," says Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive of DreamWorks Animation.

Julie Gonzalo: ‘When I read the finale I was very very pleased, I think it’s smart, it’s entertaining, it’s what DALLAS is all about’
"I didn't know [who killed JR]. I couldn't do it, I couldn't place it. It’s just brilliantly written; to be honest with you I couldn't put it together. I remember last year trying to put things together and it didn't work so I’m like okay I’m not going to outsmart the writers clearly so I’m going to wait the extra two days I have left to not know and just read it."

Jesse Metcalfe Talks DALLAS Season 2 Finale Mysteries
[SPOILER ALERT] Asked if Victoria Principal, who played Pam Barnes Ewing (Bobby's ex), will be back, Jesse said not for Season 2.

"It's a possibility for Season 3, but, it's not gonna happen in Season 2," he said.

Who Killed J.R.? 6 New Questions as the Big DALLAS Mystery Deepens
This week’s DALLAS double feature, “A Call to Arms” and “Love and Family,” yielded some new clues in the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery, along with six new questions.

GLEE tackles gun control with school shooting episode
[Thursday GLEE SPOILER] Setting aside the fact that the gunshots were a false alarm, the disturbing images, particularly in the wake of the horror of events such as Newtown, brought up a question: Why, exactly, did GLEE feel the need to tackle such a sensitive issue?

The most cynical and obvious reason would be: ratings. The average episode of GLEE gets about 6 million viewers, a decline from the when the show first came on the air and was one of the buzziest shows around.

David Marciano Departs HOMELAND As Regular, Preps Cable Prison Drama
With Brody headed out of the country in the second-season finale of Showtime’s HOMELAND, Carrie won’t have to rely as heavily on her off-the-books snoop extraordinaire Virgil. David Marciano has played the role since the pilot, recurring in Season 1 and promoted to regular in Season 2. The actor won’t return to the Emmy-winning series as a regular next season. though he may still appear on the show as a recurring guest star.

Help Fund ATWT alum Jake Silbermann's New Film via Kickstarter
Silbermann and his friends are nearly halfway to their goal of $67,000 with 28 days left before their deadline. For more information on the project, and to donate yourself. And as always, there are cool rewards for pledging, including signed scripts, DVDs and more! Heck, if you want to pledge $4,500, you can nab all of the rewards including a speaking role in the film!

9 Reasons the NewFronts Didn't Get TV Dollars Last Year
Last spring, some of the Web's biggest players, including Yahoo, AOL, Hulu and YouTube, took a page out of the glamorous TV world by launching the Digital Content NewFronts.

But while the NewFronts put a new stake in the ground and were lauded for surfacing digital video productions, the week got mixed reviews in terms of getting advertisers excited about the medium's possibilities. Indeed, the NewFronts didn’t suddenly cause every brand to dump all their spending into online video, according to numerous buyers, sellers and programmers contacted by Adweek, which is the official media partner of DCNF in partnership with the IAB. There are several reasons why that was the case last year, but just as many reasons to be hopeful this year.

John Hegarty: TV Shows Are Getting Better, But the Ads Are Getting Worse
"The ads have just got worse," the adman said during a live chat with The Guardian. "Television for instance is going through a golden age. Our work is not matching the quality of writing and thinking that's going into all those great TV productions."

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