Rich Frank of Prospect Park: 'We Are Going To Be A Little Hotter & Sexier'

A new article in Variety by Michael Maloney looks at the upcoming ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE and wonders if they might be game-changers.

“We are going to be a little hotter and sexier,” says Rich Frank of Prospect Park. “That doesn’t mean we’ll be doing anything that’s offensive. We’re trying to be contemporary and have storylines that are relevant to people’s lives.”

“This is an evolution of the viewing mechanism,” says Steve Kent, senior exec programming veep of Sony Pictures Television (which produces Y&R and DAYS). “People have long predicted the demise of network television, but it still exists and will for the foreseeable future.”

As for potentially racier content, Kent says, “If they turn ALL MY CHILDREN into porn — and I’m sure they won’t — then nobody is going to watch. Soap audiences are more traditional.”

“We all have our fingers crossed that this is successful,” says DAYS co-exec producer Greg Meng. “(But) these shows won’t be competitive with us.”

"If we’re right, we’ll have started something," says Frank. "If not, then we’ll have spent a lot of time seeing if this would work. But we’re very confident that this will happen and that people will come to us. This is just the start. After we’re up on the air and running we’re going to look at doing other things.”


  1. He's right these shows were never competing with DAYS,..they were always better than DAYS.

  2. Please let those other things mean resurrecting ATWT & GL.