Amber Tamblyn Celebrates GENERAL HOSPITAL's 50th Anniversary: 'Where I Learned Everything About My Craft'

Amber Tamblyn with Stuart Damon, Leslie Charlson and
John Ingle on the set of GENERAL HOSPITAL in 1999.
- Photo: ABC
Amber Tamblyn, who originated the role Emily on GENERAL HOSPITAL and played it for six years, posted a beautiful message on her Facebook page Tuesday in honor of the show's 50th anniversary:

Yesterday was General Hospital's 50th Anniversary and I couldn't be more proud to call myself part of their family. GH is where I learned everything about my craft- the art of emotional intelligence, of listening, of interpreting, of setting a scene on fire. Its where I held Stuart Damon and wept when my real life Grandmother passed away, and where Stuart Damon held me and wept when Anna Lee passed away.

Its where I learned how to be disciplined in what I do. Where I found myself, as an actress, as a woman, and as veteran. Its where I learned what having REAL fans in your corner can do for you: carry you into a confidence that most actresses only dream of.

On GH, we burned for them and they for us. I absorbed the skilled techniques of John Homa, the turbulent genius of Maurice Bernard, the soft golden simplicity of John Ingle. Its where I had my first real life teenage secret crush (Shout out to you, Jonathan Jackson) and where I developed sister-strong bonds (double shout out, Kimberly and Becky).

General Hospital is more than an America staple. Its the staple gun.

I hope every actor has a chance to experience working on a soap, and every kid gets to grow up watching one with family.

Today I am thinking only of GH and this incredible, historic milestone.

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  1. will amber tamlyn retun as emly quartermaine this year in the after
    life shes been missed on gh thomas dobias fan 1982-2013