Agnes Nixon: "I'm Thrilled To Tears That I'm Still Here To Witness This"

The legendary Agnes Nixon created both ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN and is excited about both show's returning on April 29.

"I'm thrilled to tears that I'm still here to witness this," Nixon tells TV Guide Magazine. "Soap operas made history by being the first shows to move from radio to TV. Now they're the first to move from TV to the Internet. People say we're being pioneers here, which makes me feel like I'm 150 years old, or that I should be on a coin or something. Somebody had to make the first move. I'm so glad it was us!"

Nixon is optimistic Susan Lucci will make an appearance at some point.

"Susan has so many other commitments these days but I certainly see her in our future," Nixon says. "I do hope with all my heart that Susan will be free enough to come back to us for a while. You know me. I always have a great story in mind for Erica Kane!"

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