NEWS: Anthony Geary Says 'Luke Seems Yo Be The Role I’m Destined To Play'; Julian St. John Art Show; Rick Springfield On Justin Bieber

From homeless to headlining: Julian St. John's long journey through mental illness led him to art, and now to a showing in Laguna
Julian St. John, the artist (and son of YOUNG AND THE RESTLESSS star Kristoff St. John's son), who was diagnosed as schizophrenic at age 18, left home voluntarily and lived an itinerant life for more than a year. Sometimes, his family tracked him down, housed him temporarily or set him up in hotels; other times, they had no idea where to find him. But with St. John committed to his medication now and his one-man show set to open, he considers himself on an upswing.

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Anthony Geary: 'Luke seems to be the role I’m destined to play'
“The weird thing about daytime is that you live with these characters,” Geary says. “I’ve met people who have watched for 20 or 30 years. The audience and I are living life together.”

Will GENERAL HOSPITAL Create the Next Gay Supercouple?
Last year, GH introduced Felix DuBois - male student nurse. No coming out story - Felix was out and proud. We also had a very soapy hint this week - Bobbie Spencer Jones mentioned her gay son, Lucas, and her hope he would meet a nice guy. Cut to Felix sadly discussing his romantic life."

Rick Springfield Opens Up About His Fans, His First Loves, and How Hard It Is for Justin Bieber
"The thing is, it's a microscope now, it wasn't a microscope. You could've gotten away with a lot more back then, now they're all over you. It's very difficult, especially for young guys, really. Little mistakes that you just go, 'Eh, I screwed up,' little mistakes just become a giant freaking issue, and it affects you. Like when I got a DUI [in August 2010], if I hadn't been a celebrity, it would have been [easier to get over]. But it blew up into this gigantic thing and my mug shot was everywhere, and it does affect you. You're not immune to that just because you're a celebrity."

SMASH star Megan Hilty land animated musical role
Hilty will voice the character of the China Princess in the animated musical feature Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return.

Former ALL MY CHILDREN and RYAN'S HOPE Star Preps for Role as Carroll Gardens Waitress
On her second day working as a waitress, Lois Robbins swapped her heels for sneakers.

Dressed in her uniform of black pants and a black shirt at Vinny’s of Carroll Gardens, Robbins cleared tables, took orders and made cappuccinos for patrons during her seven-hour shift. All the while, she prepared for one of the biggest roles of her career.
Later this year, Robbins will star as Ann Willis in Blowtorch, an independent film by Me3 Productions shot in Brooklyn. Alongside the former soap actress, the movie will also feature William Baldwin and Jared Abrahamson.

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