NEWS: Tracey Bregman Contract; Jon Hamm Rolling Stone Cover, CW Revamp, Gay Men On TV, DWTS Results

Tracey Bregman signs new contract with THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
Bregman tweeted the news: "It's official! Signing my new contract with @Official_YandR on the shows 40 th anniversary. #grateful #YR40"

Y&R websites at and are merging
Beginning Thursday, March 28, will be automatically redirected to the Y&R page on Finally a successful marriage in Genoa City!

Rolling Stone Cover: 'Mad Men's' Don Draper Exposed
Jon Hamm makes his first solo appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone in the next issue. Contributing Editor Josh Eells shadowed the actor on the set of the hit AMC show, at his favorite neighborhood dive bar and on a hike through his hip Los Feliz neighborhood. Hamm explains how drastically he differs from Don Draper, his pre-MAD MEN struggles in the entertainment business and his plans when the show goes off the air in 2014.

MAD MEN Season 6 Cast Portraits
January Jones, Jon Hamm, Jessica Pare, John Slattery, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss, Christopher Stanley, and Vincent Kartheiser are featured.

CW network revamp aims to draw wider audience
The network's median viewer age is nearly 42. That looks like trouble. The female-friendly, 7-year-old network targets the 18- to 34-year-old demographic. But CW's executives aren't running away from middle age. They are trying to attract a more diverse audience.

"I thought we had become too niche," said CW President Mark Pedowitz, who took the reins at the network in 2011. "And, the thing is, you want everyone to participate."

Its programming slate, in turn, ventured outside the juniors department. Executives beefed up on darker fare — with the superhero drama ARROW, the procedural show BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and the recently launch CULT — partly as an attempt to lure male audiences.

Karolina Wydra joins TRUE BLOOD
Wydra’s recurring character, Violet, is described as a strong, sexy, possibly dangerous vamp on par with the Eric Northmans and Bill Comptons of the world.

Lindsay Lohan had no trouble Monday on the ANGER MANAGEMENT set
She even posed for a photo with Darius McCrary (ex-Malcolm, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS), who played an inmate.

CORONATION STREET actor Bill Roache slams treatment of celebrities accused of sex crimes
Appearing on New Zealand's TV ONE BREAKFAST show on Monday night, Roache was asked if he sanctioned underage sex.

He said: "Of course I don’t sanction that. All I am trying to do is get the balance right. Pedophiles should be routed out, anyone who offends sexually should be dealt with properly in the way the law deals with that."

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sean Blakemore to be a dad
Blakemore (Shawn) and wife Nadyia Jones are expecting their first child, a girl.

From the ’70s to Today: How Gay Men Rose to the Top of Television
1970s: Jodie Dallas on the soap opera farce SOAP would definitely have been the most tweeted by today's standards.

1980s: Steven Carrington of DYNASTY fame, the hot blond with perfect Ken-doll coif and jaw, moved out of the mansion when he told the Carrington clan that he would never be into Barbie. Well, at least not until season 7, when he would give into heavy sexual tension with Sammy Jo (swear to God that's a woman not a trucker), and consequently gets so confused by his sexuality that he goes out for a fateful horseback ride. (Wouldn't you go out for a fateful horseback ride when you were sexually confused?) Even though Steven was a gay character for like a bazillion seasons, he was still lured into bed by the wiles of a woman. Neutered…well, maybe hetero-d.

1990s: The year was 1998, and while straight girls all over the country were pulling a Joey and climbing into their boyfriend's bedroom windows, DAWSON'S CREEK was also making gay TV history with Jack McPhee. Who didn't cry when Jack was outted in English class? Who wasn't at the edge of the couch when Jack had his first chaste gay kiss with his internet crush? And neither Jack nor Ricky could have done it without the help of a hot lady friend. Teenagers around the country were hooked. Suddenly we knew: being gay was effing hard! But also effing fabulous.

EMMERDALE filming affected by freezing weather
The freezing weather conditions have left the EMMERDALE set in Esholt, Yorkshire looking like the middle of winter when it is meant to be May in soapland, due to filming six weeks in advance.

Dancing With the Stars Results: Who's the First One Out?
The dancer heading exiting stage right this week is ...


Dorothy Hamill. GENERAL HOSPITAL's Ingo Rademacher will dance again next week.

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  1. Tuesday's episode of GH should take a place in the gay history of soaps! Bobbie saying that she wanted her son Lucas to "meet a nice young man, settle down and get married." Emma correcting TJs assumption that felix and Sabrina are a couple with "No, silly! Felix likes boys!" Epiphanny telling Patrick that Felix "bats for the other team." Realistic, funny and not preachy.