Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL's 50th Anniversary Plans - Nurse's Ball Preview

GENERAL HOSPITAL is preparing to celebrate the show's 50th anniversary and the new TV Guide Magazine offers a preview.


The Nurses' Ball will air April 5, 8 and has Rick Springfield returning as Dr. Noah Drake, who will take to the stage and rock out "Jessie's Girl." Off on the sidelines, Frisco (Jack Wagner) is trying to woo back his love Felicia (Kristina Wagner), while Anna (Finola Hughes) is once again in the arms of Duke (Ian Buchanan). Nurse Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) is there too as is fitness guru Richard Simmons, who plays charity gala's pushy choreographer.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) hits the floor with DANCING WITH THE STARS alum Maksim Chmerkovskiy (brother Val wasn't available due to his hectic DWTS schedule). And the UGLY BETTY—esque Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) blossoms into a swan, much to the delight of Patrick (Jason Thompson).

"This would in so many ways be the ideal time for Robin to walk through the door," says head writer Ron Carlivati. "It would be a total game-changer but, while I'm promising a whole lot of surprises at the Nurses Ball, I'm not promising what they'll be." Luke and Laura (Tony Geary and Genie Francis) won't be in attendance because they're busy hopping choppers to hunt for their daughter Lulu (Julie Berman), a hot pursuit that leads them to the evil Helena Cassadine (played in 1981 by Elizabeth Taylor and now by Constance Towers).

Meanwhile, fan favorites Zeman and Tyler Christopher (as Laura’s son Nikolas Cassadine) reappear Friday.

Simmons pops up March 28.

“Obviously, it’s a big responsibility for a show like GENERAL HOSPITAL so people are expecting a lot,” head writer Ron Carlivati told the Boston Herald earlier this week. “We’re never going to satisfy everyone 100 percent. The returns are something that are important to an anniversary — Who would we want to see? — and we went for as many as we could do without breaking the bank, without overflowing the show. Logically, some are small returns, just to get to see the person’s face. Some of these will play out for a longer period.”

And when the confetti is finally swept away? What’s next for GENERAL HOSPITAL?

“I like to write for an entire canvas,” he said. “We’re coming off a lot of big story in April and launching new stuff in May sweeps. (Every character) will be driving story.”

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  1. Excited about seeing the old actors return.