Erika Slezak On ABC Daytime Canceling ALL MY CHILDREN & ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 'They Replaced Them With Real Rubbish'

Photo: Sue Coflin/Max Photos
ONE LIFE TO LIVE legend Erika Slezak didn't pull any punches when talking to Zap2It about the cancellation of ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN by ABC.

"People stop me on the street, total strangers, and literally put their hands on my shoulders and say, 'We miss you so much!'," the energetic Slezak told Zap2it. "I think the fans had a lot to do with (production company) Prospect Park's willingness to try to get this back up again. They were just outraged when ABC canceled both shows on the same day.

"I have to say, they replaced them with real rubbish. THE CHEW is hanging on, but how many cooking shows can you have? You have a channel called the Food Network; you can go there 24 hours a day, so do we need another show where they're all talking over each other? And THE REVOLUTION was so bad, they canceled it in five months."

Slezak added that "probably" to ABC's "great chagrin, after canceling the other two [soaps], GENERAL HOSPITAL is doing incredibly well ... even after the time slot was moved, which is generally a death knell."

- Erika Slezak: 'The Scripts Are Really Good'


  1. God, I love her! I can't wait for the return of all-things-Llanview!

  2. Classy lady. Can't wait to see her again! It will feel like Old Home weeek! Yay!

  3. Thank god u guys were picked up again. Soap net should've picked u up. But their loss. Cant wait to see u

  4. Well said, Erika. Haven't watched ABC in the afternoon since OLTL and AMC went off the air. So sick of networks taking off long running scripted shows to replace them with half price "reality" crap. Counting the days till we meet again in Llanview!

  5. I'm a long-time fan of Erika Slezak and of both OLTL and AMC. Can't wait for both shows to be available again.

    ABC continues to exercise poor judgment in both day time and primetime.

  6. Can't wait until your return!

  7. I refuse to watch ABC TV during the time slots that were AMC OLTL..... I hate the Chew!!!!