Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Steve Burton Talks THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Short-Term Contract, Thinner Look

Steve Burton will make his debut on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS on January 29 as Avery's ex, Dylan McAvoy. He spoke with TV Guide Magazine about the role saying it was a short-term contract (for now) and he had first-day jitters on the set last week. He also discussed his new, slimmer look.
I had to get back on TV before I gained more weight. [Laughs] Robust isn't my best look. I'm trying to be healthy so, yeah, I'm a lot thinner now. In fact, I've had an entire makeover! My Jason hair is gone and so are the black T-shirts. We'll see how far Jill pushes me. She'll be, like, "Okay, you have two more weeks and that shirt's coming off!" The costume department is definitely wanting me younger. They dropped my clothes down a full size. [Laughs] They put me in a medium to make me look buff.
Burton joked the best way to watch his first few episodes might be with the "TV on mute" and just focus on the new hairdo. "Everything's gonna be great...I promise!"

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  1. At least he knows that the shirt has to come off!

  2. I know it's probably a superficial thing to say, but I think Steve Burton would look better with a more 'streamlined' appearance. That extra bulk he had in his last few years on GH made him look older and I think a slightly sleeker physique would also give the impression that he is a disciplined soldier as well as provide more opportunities for him to be a romantic possibility on Y&R (if he's going to compete with Nick Newman for Avery, for example).