Friday, December 28, 2012

THE EDGE OF NIGHT Ended 28 Years Ago Today

ABC aired the final episode of THE EDGE OF NIGHT 28 years ago today (December 28, 1984). There were discussions about continuing the show in syndication but it never panned out and the beloved P&G soap became television history. Below are some of our favorite EDGE OF NIGHT articles, features, photos and interviews from over the years:

- CLASSIC CLIPS: Daytime Soap Opera Finales
- CLASSIC PHOTO: ATWT/EDGE Celebrate 1,000!
- FLASHBACK: Daytime Delilahs 1964
- FLASHBACK: Joel Crothers Passes Away 1985
- World AIDS Day Tribute: Joel Crothers (1941-1985), Dennis Parker (1946-1984), Irving Allen Lee (1948-1992)
- COUNTDOWN: 25 Biggest Blunders In Daytime Soap Opera History - #24 The Messy Murder of THE EDGE OF NIGHT
- FLASHBACK: August 1973, 1974, 1975 - What Was Popular In The Soap World
- FLASHBACK: The Week in Review 1977
- 30 Years Ago: MTV Went On The Air, 13 Daytime Soaps Aired
- 50 Greatest Soap Actors: James Mitchell, Don Hastings, Bernard Barrow, Larkin Malloy

- CLASSIC CLIPS: Larkin Malloy
- Nelson Aspen's Where Are They Now Tour: Larkin Malloy
- WLS Interview Archive: Don Hastings
- Sharon Gabet: "From the Raven to the Dove"
- 50 Greatest Soap Actresses: Elizabeth Hubbard, Constance Ford, Sharon Gabet, Jacklyn Zeman
- CLASSIC CLIPS: Sharon Gabet
- FLASHBACK: Sharon Gabet 1978 - Raven's Not Me, Actress Declares
- Larry Hagman In THE EDGE OF NIGHT (Classic Clips)
- FLASHBACK: The Code of Sudsville 1972
- FLASHBACK: A Going Concern 1972
- 50 Greatest Soap Couples: #17 Sky & Raven From THE EDGE OF NIGHT
- CLASSIC CLIP: Louise Shaffer as EDGE's Serena/Josie
- 30 Dynamic Duos of Daytime Soaps: Sky & Gunther
- Conard Fowkes Dead At Age 76
- David Froman Dead at Age 71


  1. C'mon someone look at the potential this show still has: REBOOT EON! It was a great show -- and it could be updated so easily. It's the kind of show JFP (but only if she promises not to goof it up) should be doing -- not Y&R (which can never be as edgy as JFP wants to be). Unlike GH, she can even do mobsters -- EON was famous for mobsters in daytime before anyone else even gave it a go!

  2. Great points. EON could be rebooted and modernized and fit right in with today's TV. Keep putting it out into the universe and it just might happen. I was really hoping the Dark Shadows movie would have been a more critical (and box office in the U.S.) success. It's different and capitalizes on the vampire angle but it might have given a few people another reason to look at other classic daytime soaps.

  3. one of the many soap transmitted in Italy

  4. Nunzio, how did it do in the ratings in Italy? Do you know how long it ran there?

  5. I loved this many fond memories..I wish they would reboot it!

  6. Hotshot young attorney Adam Drake Jr is summoned to Monticello by Sky Whitney to defend longtime family friend Nancy Karr against murder charges. However, Sky gets more than he bargained for when Adam Jr. falls for Sky's 20-year-old firebrand daughter, Gerri (short for Geraldine).

    Meanwhile Jodi Travis is busy at the forensics lab trying to prove Nancy's innocence while also being a loving mother to her son Gavin, Jr. who also has a thing for the Whitney debutant.

    Raven Whitney meanwhile appears to be covering up something. Does she have evidence that would clear Nancy? Or would it prove her guilt?

    Raven's gay son Jamey pauses his party boy ways long enough to check into her activities. That irks his boyfriend Tony Saxon Jr., who secretly has ties to the mob. Meanwhile, young Miles Cavanaugh, Jr., who tries to hide his crush on Jamey, is also selling Oxycodine on the side to pay his way through med school.

    Who would have thought that one of Miles Jr.'s regular pill customers holds the key to proving Nancy's innocence? Problem is, his customer, Chablis Henderson, was high on pills and thinks the scenes she witnessed were a dream. Can Miles Jr figure out about her incoherent ramblings in time to save Nancy?

  7. James, I like this. I'd also like Calvin's son in the mix -- Calvin could have been killed in the line of duty (since the actor who played Calvin is deceased) when his son was younger and the kid has issues. That would help make him a complex and interesting character. Overall, not bad, not bad at all. Some of the original cast are still with us, like Raven, Sky, Nancy, Mike. Good job, James.

  8. BTW By original cast, I mean from the original run as a reboot would be very new given the number of cast members now deceased. Sadly, EON has lost a lot of its stars in the last 28 years. But the show could still come back and do justice to the original. I would love to see this happen, but it's a nice trip down memory lane even if it doesn't...