REVENGE Stars Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann and Nick Wechsler Shoot Seaside White Wedding
Earlier this week, several members of the ABC cast, including Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Nick Wechsler, Margarita Levieva and Christa B. Allen, were spotted in a sea of wedding white on the Redondo Beach, Calif. set.

Stepping away from their serious characters, the cast took some time to relax and pose for silly pictures in between scenes.

“That wedding is going to happen,” Nick Wechsler told Wetpaint earlier this month.

“It’s good because as that nears, the audience goes, ‘That’s not going to happen though, right? They’re not actually going to get married?’ Like they did with the kid . . . . and then the kid is mine. And the reason this matters to them is because they’re constantly rooting for Jack and Emily.”

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL guest star Ramona Bruland to host the X Games
Next month, in her adopted hometown of Aspen, Colo., Australian-born Ramona Bruland will make her debut as the new host of the X Games.

No stranger to the action-sports scene, she grew up skiing in her native South Australia (even making a brief foray into competitive snowboarding in the 1990s), earned her degree in outdoor adventure -- literally -- and lived the "endless winter" ski-bum lifestyle for more than a dozen consecutive seasons. She continues to indulge her taste for adrenaline by never saying no to an opportunity to try something new -- whether that's working toward earning her pilot's license or making a guest cameo as herself (16 times!) on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

GOSSIP GIRL Aftermath: The Internet’s Five-Step Process of Accepting Gossip Girl's Real Identity
1. Shock So Great That It Transcends Language Barriers and Common Caps-Lock Courtesies
2. Gender-Related Confusion About This Unexpected Reveal
3. Concern about Plot Inconsistencies and Loopholes Suggesting That Dan Was Not Gossip Girl
4. A Desperate Desire to Believe Despite the Aforementioned Loopholes
5. Reluctant to Gloating Acceptance of the Fact that Dan Humphrey Is Gossip Girl

How Hollywood Gets Bloggers Wrong
If high-school bloggers are marginal in pop culture, their adult counterparts are often portrayed as frivolous or even actively malign. One recurring trope in journalism dramas has been to saddle older, wiser reporters with young female bloggers as colleagues or as competition, as a way of reinforcing the virtues of old-school journalism.

ABC's NASHVILLE: The Soundtrack as Co-Star
The real showstoppers on “Nashville” have been something else: small songs, sung closely, in intimate rooms. There was “If I Didn’t Know Better,” the breathy, naughty duet sung by Gunnar Scott (Sam Palladio) and Scarlett O’Connor (Clare Bowen) at the Bluebird Cafe that kicked off their songwriting partnership. Later in the season came the tragic “No One Will Ever Love You,” sung by the superstar Rayna James (Connie Britton) and her bandleader-guitarist-ex-boyfriend Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten), also at the Bluebird, in what was presented as a return-to-form moment for artists who’d been through the pop wringer.

Starz Developing Drama Series About The Birth Of Hip-Hop
Starz has put in development TURF, a drama series project charting the birth of hip-hop from the violence of gang life in 1970s Bronx.

Pop My Culture: Indie Soap Award nominees Jane Espenson and Brad Bell (Audio)
Jane Espenson (ONCE UPON A TIME) and Brad Bell (HUSBAND) goof off with Cole and Vanessa about Donnie and Marie, The Hobbit, Twitter proposals, Up-Skirt Filmmaking, kitten slot machines, Indie Soap Award Nominations, Spock's stained uniform, YouTube, weird phobias, John Mayer covers, Burning Man, torso ticklers, and that other Brad Bell from THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. Leave your answer to the Firsts question (the first big road trip you can remember taking) on our website for a chance to win a Husbands hard-cover comic book from Dark Horse Comics (releasing in March, 2013) signed by Jane and Brad!

Interview with Indie Soap Award nominee Adam Goldman
Next month, in her adopted hometown of Aspen, Colo., Australian-born Ramona Bruland will make her debut as the new host of the X Games.
On a possible second season of THE OUTS: "The business model would have to make sense. That’s the most boring sentence in the English language, isn’t it? But the truth is that everyone working on the show is working on it because we love the work and we’re proud of the product and it means something to people; nobody is getting paid the way they should be getting paid. And, again, this is part of the changing landscape of online video content or web TV or whatever you want to call it: there’s a notion that it can be made for free because it’s not getting beamed directly onto people’s televisions, but that’s just not true."

10 TV Shows Flavorwife Would Love to See in Black and White
MAD MEN and TWIN PEAKS are among the shows listed.

TV soaps float from daytime to nighttime
"Women went to work," said Mark Rubinfeld, chairman of the sociology department at Westminster College. "The stay-at-home moms demographic, which used to be two-thirds of all women, is today somewhere between 25 and 30 percent."

EASTENDERS' Kat, Alfie in huge showdown
EASTENDERS finally brings Kat Moon's affair mystery to a conclusion Thursday evening (December 20) as fans discover the identity of her secret lover. It's been over five months since Kat (Jessie Wallace) started cheating on husband Alfie once again, and three suspects still remain in the frame - Branning brothers Derek, Jack and Max.

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