Today in Soap Opera History (December 12)

On this date in...

1957: On THE EDGE OF NIGHT, Ed (Les Damon) confessed his guilt to Mike about stabbing Thompson in the back.

1972: Mike Hammett debuted as Dennis Carrington in ANOTHER WORLD.

1979: On ANOTHER WORLD, Jeff (Dan Hamilton) tried to force Iris (Beverlee McKinsey) to swallow pills.

1979: On THE EDGE OF NIGHT, Geraldine (Lois Kibbee) named Jamey her beneficiary.

1988: On LOVING, Stacey (Lauren-Marie Taylor) battled for custody of her son.

1995: On ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Dorian (Robin Strasser) was happy when Nora (Hillary B. Smith) showed up at her jail cell to defend her.

2003: On AS THE WORLD TURNS, Rose D'Angelo (Martha Byrne) died after asking Paul (Roger Howarth), "Why did you do this to me?"

2006: On ALL MY CHILDREN, Erin Lavery (Connie Fletcher) was killed by the Satin Slayer.

2008: On ALL MY CHILDREN, Zach (Thorsten Kaye) was upset after a misunderstanding led him to believe Kendall had come out of her coma.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
Dan Hamilton (ex-David, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Robert, THE SECRET STORM; ex-Hal, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Jeff, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Wade, THE EDGE OF NIGHT; ex-Thornton, AS THE WORLD TURNS; ex-Eric, DALLAS) - 67
Wings Hauser (ex-Greg, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) - 65
Ernie Pysher (ex-Cliff, THE EDGE OF NIGHT; ex-Kent, AS THE WORLD TURNS; ex-Larry, FALCON CREST) - 64
Ana Alicia (ex-Melissa, FALCON CREST; ex-Alicia, RYAN'S HOPE) - 55
Sheree J. Wilson (ex-April, DALLAS) - 54
Holly Gagnier (ex-Ivy, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Cassie, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) - 50
Teresa Blake (ex-Gloria, ALL MY CHILDREN) - 49
Burke Moses (ex-Curtis, LOVING; ex-Briggs, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Sean, AS THE WORLD TURNS; ex-Bulge, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Andrew, ALL MY CHILDREN) - 48
M├Ądchen Amick (ex-Catherine, GOSSIP GIRL; ex-Carrie, CENTRAL PARK WEST; ex-Shelly, TWIN PEAKS) - 42
Regina King (ex-Sandra, 24; ex-LOVING) - 42
Mayim Bialik (ex-Wilameena, THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER) - 37

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  1. Dan Hamilton is the father of Tony-nominated actor Josh Hamilton! Happy 12/12/12 Everybody!

    Brian :-)