Erik Valdez Leaving GENERAL HOSPITAL; Anders Hove Shoots 7 Episodes In 2 Days

It looks like Erik Valdez is exiting GENERAL HOSPITAL.

From Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens: "I'm hearing hunky, Latin actor Erik Valdez has been let go from General Hospital. No word on whether the ABC sudser plans to recast the role of Kate/Connie's (Kelly Sullivan) long-lost son."

Valdez has been playing Trey Mitchell since June 11, 2012.

Soap Opera Digest later posted a similar story.

Meanwhile, Anders Hove told TV Guide Magazine he loved returning to GH.

"I had maybe three or four weeks' notice," he said, "but getting a visa and work permit wasn't easy at all. ABC helped me find a U.S. lawyer, stationed in London of all places, who helped me out. I was pretty lucky. So I came to Los Angeles and shot for two days and flew out again. It felt so nice and secure on the set, like coming home. But the schedule is so much harder! We used to shoot one episode in a day. I did seven in two days! Kassie DePaiva [Blair] told me she once did four shows in one day. It's incredible what the actors and crew can do now. It's a whole different game nowadays but I love it a lot."

"At least this time around Faison won't be dead — though that's never stopped him before! They'll probably send him to jail but maybe there will be more down the line. If [exec producer] Frank Valentini needs me again, I'm there. I will never let that show down."


  1. Is Faison only in 7 eps? Won't miss Trey.

  2. wont miss trey but hope faison comes back in the future love him