Michael Park Joins Broadway Revival Of "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof"

AS THE WORLD TURNS' Michael Park has joined the cast of the upcoming Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams' "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."

Park will be playing Gooper in the limited-engagement production which begins performances on December 18 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. Open night is set for January 17.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' Emily Bergl also joins previously announced stars Scarlett Johansson, Benjamin Walker, Debra Monk and Ciaran Hinds.

Set in the Mississippi Delta, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" is the story of Brick (Walker) and his wife Maggie (Johansson), who are celebrating the 65th birthday of Brick’s father, Big Daddy Pollitt (Hinds). Big Daddy is bothered by the rocky relationship between his beloved son Brick, an aging football hero who has taken up drinking, and his beautiful and feisty wife Maggie. As the hot summer evening unfolds, the veneer of Southern Gentility slips away as unpleasant truths emerge.

Gooper (Park) is Big Daddy's eldest son, and Mae's (Bergl) husband. He is a corporate lawyer in Memphis, and he is plotting to ensure that he and Mae inherit the plantation. He has already drawn up a plan for a trusteeship, with him in control, which he wants Big Mama to sign. Big Daddy dislikes Gooper, however, and although Gooper claims to love Big Daddy in a quiet way, he later admits he has always resented the fact that Big Daddy prefers Brick. He tries to undermine Brick whenever he can, bringing attention to his drinking, for example. Gooper claims that he has helped a lot in running the plantation but Big Mama says that all he did was take care of a few business details.


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