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Today in Soap Opera History (November 25)

On this date in...

1960: Has been identified as a watershed in broadcasting. It's often referred to by aficionados as "the day the radio drama died." YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE (which also aired on NBC-TV), THE RIGHT TO HAPPINESS (a spinoff of THE GUIDING LIGHT), THE SECOND MRS. BURTON and MA PERKINS aired their final episodes.

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1964: On ANOTHER WORLD, Pat (Susan Trustman) was indicted for murder in the first degree.

1986: On GUIDING LIGHT, Josh (Robert Newman) found a honeymooning couple when he busted into what he thought was Gerhardt's hotel room.

1987: On AS THE WORLD TURNS, Lyla Montgomery (Anne Sward) and Casey Peretti (Bill Shanks) were married.

1997: On ANOTHER WORLD, childhood and lifelong best friends Jake McKinnon (Tom Eplin) and Vicky Hudson (Jensen Buchanan) were married. Shane (Robert Kelker-Kelly) interrupted the wedding but Vicky chose to be with Jake.

2009: Natalie Hall debuted as Colby on ALL MY CHILDREN.

2009: On GENERAL HOSPITAL, the Quartermaines' Thanksgiving became even wackier when Luke and the Spencers joined them for the holiday.

2011: Judy Lewis died at age 76.  Her longest running soap opera role was Susan Ames on THE SECRET STORM from 1964-1971. She also played Barbara Vining on GENERAL HOSPITAL in the 1970s. Her first soap role was Molly Scharf on KITTY FOYLE. Behind the camera, Lewis was a producer on TEXAS, and she won a Writer's Guild Award in 1985 for her work on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
Amy Gibson (ex-Alana, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; ex-Colette, GENERAL HOSPITAL) - 52
Dougray Scott (ex-Ian, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) - 47
Jill Hennessy (ex-Jo, LUCK) - 47
Billy Burke (Miles, REVOLUTION) - 46
Ron Carlivati (Head writer, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ONE LIFE TO LIVE) - 44
Christina Applegate (ex-Baby Burt, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) - 41
Joel Kinnaman (Stephen, THE KILLING) - 33
Katie Cassidy (Laurel, ARROW; ex-Juliet, GOSSIP GIRL; ex-Ella, MELROSE PLACE) - 26

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  1. Ron Carlivati is also the current head writer of "General Hospital", too!