30 Dynamic Duos of Daytime Soaps (5-3)

Our list of 30 Great Dynamic Duos of Daytime Soaps kicked off with a look at twosomes 30-26, 25-2120-1615-11 and 10-6. Below the countdown continues with Dynamic Duos 5-3. Tell us your favorite Dynamic Duos in the Comments section below:

DUO: Stu Bergman & Joanne Gardner
SHOW: Search for Tomorrow
Stu: Larry Haines
Jo: Mary Stuart
YEARS: 1951-1986
"Jo & Stu are far and away my favorite soap 'buddy' team because they did it FIRST and did it best! From the time Larry Haines joined the cast, approx 6 months into the show's run, the platonic chemistry between Jo and Stu was evident. No matter how busy either character was with their own personal dramas, they could count on the other for a shoulder to cry on...a pot of coffee to pour...or (with Larry's gift of comic timing) a laugh to share." - Nelson Aspen

EDITOR'S NOTE: Read Nelson Aspen's expanded thoughts on Jo & Stu here.

DUO:  Brooke English & Erica Kane
SHOW: All My Children
Brooke: Julia Barr
Erica: Susan Lucci
YEARS: 1976-2006, 2010, 2011
"A truly complex relationship between two very different women. These two women couldn’t be more different, and their rivalry was multi-faceted and fascinating." - Patrick Erwin

DUO:  Cass Winthrop & Felicia Gallant
SHOW: Another World
Cass: Stephen Schnetzer
Felicia: Linda Dano
YEARS: 1983-1989
"Cass and Felicia were lovers before they came to Bay City and picked up their relationship when Felicia arrived.  But they quickly became lifelong best friends who shared many fun times, as well as devastating tragedies, over the years." - Roger Newcomb

The Dynamic Duos list was compiled with input from the We Love Soaps staff as well as some friends in the industry--Patrick Erwin, Jonathan Reiner and Connie Passalacqua Hayman (Marlena De Lacroix). 


  1. So far there's been no one from oltl on this list. If Viki/Dorian aren't #1, i'll be very stabby.

  2. i would think Felicia and Cass would be #2 after Viki and Dorian (#1)

  3. My guess is that the top 2 are Jill/Katherine form Y&R and Viki/Dorian from OLTL.

  4. I think Jessica is correct! I would have picked Cass & Felicia as #2 over Jill & Katherine but it's whatevs! Love this list. I think Erica & Brooke were a good pick but I would have chosen Erica & Mona!

    Also, I know every pair couldn't make to the list but I loved Eugene & Calliope (DAYS).

  5. Yeah this list could have been a 50 for sure. Including friends, enemies, and everything in between. I LOVE Dorian/Viki but really think Lindsay/Nora or Tina/Gabrielle deserve a place. Other great enemies: Carly/Vivian DAYS and Marty/Todd OLTL.