Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christine & Paul YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Reunion?

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS star Lauralee Bell spoke to TV Guide Magazine in a new interview about the upcoming twist in her character's storyline. On Nov. 16, Christine (she'll always be Cricket to me!) shares a kiss with her other ex-hubby Paul (Doug Davidson), who is currently in love with her best friend Nina (Tricia Cast).

TV Guide Magazine: What triggers this?
Bell: Christine has basically thrown Paul a lifeline by finding the evidence that saves him from going to jail. She's freed him from this horrific chapter in his life and that's what provokes the kiss. This isn't some meaningless thing, though. Paul says, "I'm falling back in love with you." And Christine says, "I'm falling back in love with you, too. I want to give this a shot." Danny was the love of Cricket's young life. But Paul is her adult love. It's a serious, emotional reconnection. It could be a second chance for both of them.

TV Guide Magazine: Meaning she'll dump Danny, even though they just got back together? And Paul will dump Nina?
Bell: They make the decision that she'll go back to Danny, who's in New York being a rock star, and tell him she wants to try to make things work with Paul. She owes Danny that much. I don't yet have scripts after that so I don't know how that all works out. I hate that this would be the cause of heartbreak for Nina, but it certainly keeps things more interesting.
Lauralee also spoke about the transition behind the scenes from her sister-in-law, Maria Bell, to Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith as executive producer and head writer.

TV Guide Magazine: Any weirdness for you on the set now that Maria's gone?
Bell: It's only been wonderful at work. Totally cool, no weirdness. I think some people may have perceived it as some sort of hostile takeover and it wasn't. The transition was really smooth. Jill and Josh are fantastic people and I really respect them both. It's all good.

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