PREVIEW: 666 PARK AVENUE ("Downward Spiral")

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The first season of 666 PARK AVENUE continues on Sunday, November 11 at 10:01 p.m. ET on ABC.

In "Downward Spiral," Henry's political career continues to rise when he receives a special commendation from the Mayor for his heroic actions. However his exultation is tempered by Jane's ever-changing mood about staying at The Drake, where she no longer feels safe.

Meanwhile, Jane discovers that both Nona and her missing grandmother, Lottie Clark, have mysterious connections to the building; Brian determines that Alexis has been duplicitous when it comes to Louise and her "affair" with Dr. Evans; and back at the hospital, the good doctor learns the unethical terms of his payback to Gavin in exchange for his help. Finally, Jane and Nona discover one of The Drake's ultimate secrets as they search for Lottie - a secret that will change Jane's life forever

Watch a sneak peek below:

666 PARK AVENUE stars Rachael Taylor (GREY'S ANATOMY) as Jane Van Veen, Dave Annable (BROTHERS & SISTERS) as Henry Martin, Mercedes Mas┼íhn (CHUCK) as Louise Leonard, Robert Buckley (LIPSTICK JUNGLE) as Brian Leonard, Helena Mattsson (NIKITA) as Alexis Blume, Erik Palladino (ER) as Tony DeMeo and Samantha Logan as Nona Clark, with Vanessa Williams (UGLY BETTY) as Olivia Doran and Terry O'Quinn (LOST) as Gavin Doran.

Guest starring are Lia Yang as Dr. Janice Wong, Misha Kuznetsov as Kandinsky, Nick Chinlund as Victor Shaw, Rocco Sisto as Dr. Claude Anton, Teddy Sears as Detective Cooper, Kerry O'Malley as Nurse Potter, Kris Eivers as unknown man, Mandy Gonzalez as Nurse Garcia, Karl Miller as Julian Waters, Michael Cullen as Joseph Lukin and Remy Auberjonois as Father Douglas.

"Downward Spiral" was written by Leigh Dana Jackson & Mimi Won Techentin and directed by J. Miller Tobin.

Based on the book series by Gabriella Pierce, 666 PARK AVENUE was created by David Wilcox (FRINGE), and is executive-produced by Matt Miller (HUMAN TARGET), Wilcox, Gina Girolamo (THE LYING GAME) and Leslie Morgenstein (GOSSIP GIRL). 666 PARK AVENUE is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Alloy Entertainment (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES; PRETTY LITTLE LIARS) and Warner Bros. Television.

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  1. 666 Park Avenue has been entertaining so far, but am I right in thinking it has not been officially picked up for the season? I think Terry O’Quinn’s role in the show makes it worth watching. I miss when the show airs most weeks because I work nights at DISH. Thankfully my DISH Hopper with PrimeTime Anytime records 666 Park Avenue automatically. All the shows in prime time from the four major networks are recorded automatically without me needing to remember timers for them to record. I love how sinister they’re making Gavin Doran and can’t wait to see where the show goes this week.