Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ian Buchanan and The Citizens Band Coming to NYC October 24-27

New York City’s very own dazzling and captivating musical troupe, The Citizens Band, is playing select live shows this fall, including a three-night stint at the Abrons Arts Center in New York City October 24th–27th. The Citizens Band will be performing songs from their debut album, the pro-democracy rallying cry to the polling booth - "Grab A Root and Growl "-which was released September 18th via Press Hear Music.

Spurred into creative action by our tumultuous political climate, The Citizens Band burst onto the New York City’s nightlife scene with their debut production, "Je T’Aime, Scumbag," a ribald and dazzling tale of love, loss, and political corruption which was staged in a Brooklyn warehouse.

The Citizens Band spend months preparing for each run of shows, ensuring that every live musical performance is wonderfully elaborate; filled with costumes, trapeze artists, singers and dancers. With an eclectic line up that includes a soap opera actor, a Queens’ public school teacher, a supermodel, a Swedish pop star and a Hollywood ingĂ©nue, it’s their stellar musicianship and energetic performances that define the troupe and inspired NYC style bible Paper Magazine to call them “the most appealing nightlife act to hit downtown in a long, long time”.

The Citizens Band aim is always to provide a unique and entertaining evening for the audience, but their performances always carry a sly political punch. To date, the troupe’s illustrious repertoire includes seven original productions covering topics such as immigration, our broken healthcare system, the Wall Street brokered recession, war, poverty, and – always - the hope of a brighter future. With the likes of actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, singer and actress Zooey Deschanel, pop icon Cyndi Lauper, and rock luminary Melissa Auf Der Maur all having lent their talents to the troupe’s shows in the past, The Citizens Band has shown that political anxiety can be channeled into glamorous and entertaining art. They’ve taken their belief that America can improve only when regular citizens are inspired to take part in the democractic process and created a thrilling shows to inspire participation. The Citizens Band has performed in various venues and cities around the country including shows at this year’s SXSW, Art Basel in Miami, and more.

"Grab A Root and Growl" is a mix of 16 classic interpretations and original songs tackling themes in our nation’s current political landscape in the midst of the approaching 2012 Presidential Election. The album is a call to action meant to enthuse and inspire all to fight for and protect our democracy rather than let it fall into the artms of its greatest enemy: apathy. If anyone was thinking of sitting it out this election, the Citizens—Karen Elson, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Zoe Kravitz, Nina Persson, Rain Phoenix, Ian Buchanan, Jorjee Douglass, Rachelle Garniez, Michael Cavadias, Adam Crystal, Mark McAdam, Paul Cantelon, Dave Lebleu, Mr Blue, Turner Cody, Mike Jackson, Angela McCluskey, Amy Miles, Jon Natchez, Jeff Palmiotti, Matt Ray, Ronin, and Leah Siegel—are here to remind you what’s at stake, not just for on this voting day, but for the future of our democracy.

LISTEN TO A COLLECTION OF TRACKS FROM GRAB A ROOT AND GROWL: http://soundcloud.com/pressheresounds/sets/the-citizens-band/s-nXf0T

The Citizens Band are donating a portion of the profits from "Grab A Root and Growl" to The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, a non-profit association of community-based, free medical clinics in the United States who serve Americans with little or no health insurance, while also performing public policy advocacy and acting as a conduit for donations that help provide free medical care to the uninsured throughout the nation.

The Citizens Band Upcoming Show Dates:
October 24th-27th New York City @ Abrons Arts Center

"Grab A Root And Growl" Track List:
1. Vote (lead vocals by Ronin)
2. I Swung The Election (lead vocals by Nina Persson)
3. When The Lights Go On Again (lead vocals by Leah Siegel)
4. The Debt Rattle (lead vocals by Mark McAdam)
5. I ‘Aint Afraid (lead vocals by Jorjee Douglas)
6. This Is Worth Fighting For (lead vocals by Karen Elson)
7. What The Country Needs (lead vocals by Amy Miles)
8. Gasoline (vocals by Ian Buchanan and Rachelle Garniez)
9. Tea For Two/ I’m Against It (vocals by Michael Cavadias and Rain Phoenix)
10. You Gotta Reap What You Sow (vocals by Mr Blue and Ronin)
11. My Heart Is Behind The Curtain (lead vocals by Turner Cody)
12. Fare Ye Well, Bad Congressman (lead vocals by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Jeff Palmiotti)
13. You Can’t Make It By Yourself (lead vocals by Zoe Kravitz)
14. The Party’s Over (lead vocal by Leah Siegel)
15. Come Ye (vocal by Angela McCluskey)
16. Calling All Beautiful Dreamers (lead vocal by Rachelle Garniez)

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